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Inspirational Indie Author Interview: Pauline Wilson

Inspirational Indie Author Interview: Pauline Wilson, Australian Novelist Mines Her Own Ancestors for Fascinating Characters and Stories

My guest this episode is Pauline Wilson, an Australian author who began writing historical fiction later in life when she discovered that her own family history was filled with stories that needed to be told. From former convicts to insane asylum inmates, Pauline found a wonderful cast of characters in her own ancestors. And whatever she couldn't dig up, she fictionalized.
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Producing Audiobooks in Australia

As a community, we know that audiobooks are booming. But with audio comes a more nuanced range of hurdles to overcome. For example, accents, regional dialects need to be considered if you want to create a product that's accessible across the world – not just the UK and USA. ALLi author, Sarah Williams explains her experience of producing audiobooks in Australia.
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