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The Self-Publishing Advice Center: from the Alliance of Independent Authors

ALLi vertical logoWelcome to ALLi's Self-publishing Advice Center, an indie author community outreach service from the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi, pronounced ally, “al-eye”, not “al-ee”). If you're an indie author, we're your self-publishing ally. Here you'll find a daily blog, bi-weekly podcast, self-publishing services, contests and awards rated–and lots of other guidance too.

Self-Publishing Advice Center: Blog

Our blog is the core our #AskALLi campaign, which pledges to answer any self-publishing question any author might have. Our blog is written and compiled by ALLi advisors,

Sacha Black, ALLi Blog Editor

members, and team and managed by Sacha Black. It offers advice across the seven processes of publishing:

There's also advice on making a living as an author and running an author business, as well as weekly news bulletin by Dan Holloway about all that's happening in the indie author world.

Members also feature in the case studies on our blog and in our Sunday “Inspirational Indie Author” interview with Howard Lovy

Self-Publishing Advice Center: Books and Podcast

We also offer a weekly podcast on a range of topics of interest to indie authors.

In our shop, you'll find a wide range of guidebooks on every aspect of how to self-publish a book and run a successful indie author business.

Our books are free to members but available for all to buy here or in your favorite online store.

Self-Publishing Advice Center: Self-Publishing Services and Awards Rated

Self-Publishing Services Watchdog

ALLi's Watchdog John Doppler

If you'd like help in self-publishing your book, you need to beware. There are many services out there but writers must make their self-publishing choices in an environment where the same service can cost $500 or $15,000 depending on where you shop and where one large operation traps unwary writers into thinking their book is being “published,” while in reality it is only being printed or set up as an ebook. This is production, not publishing. Production is just one of the seven stages in the publishing process (see above).

Tyro self-publishers can easily fall victim to literary fraud, scams, and misleading practices. So here we offer ratings of self-publishing services and ratings of author contests and awards, overseen by John Doppler for ALLi's Watchdog Desk.

Self-Publishing Advice Center: Weekly Blog Bulletin

You can receive a weekly blog round-up, direct to your inbox.

Self-Publishing Advice Center: #AskALLi

If you have a question about how to self-publish a book, you can email us any time.

Our #AskALLi campaign pledges to answer any self-publishing question anyone might have.


This blog about how to self-publish a book is written by Author and Partner Members of the Alliance of Independent Authors.

To find out more about how you can write for us, and other benefits of membership including discounts and deals, legal advice, publishing and self-publishing contracts, advice forum and more, go here.

We'd love you to join us.

Author: Orna Ross

Orna Ross is a bestselling and award-winning author of historical fiction and inspirational poetry, and a creativity facilitator. As founder-director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, she has been named one of The Bookseller’s Top 100 people in publishing. 


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