ALLi’s Top Posts on Publishing in 2013

As followers of this blog will know, every Friday we run a post on aspects of publishing particularly relevant to self-published authors of all kinds, such as editing, formatting and printing to professional standards, and ALLi’s campaign for the book trade to Open Up To Indies. Whether you were an early adopter of self-publishing or are still waiting to take the plunge, this last Friday of 2013 seems a great time to review what we’ve shared this year, to help you plan and prioritise your self-publishing projects in 2014.

Cover of ALLi Handbook

Invaluable handbook free to ALLi members; available for others to buy

Here are the Editor’s Pick of some of the most practical posts that ran this year:

To view the menu of all the posts about aspects of publishing included in our Friday strand, please click here.

Publishing technology, trends and practice are evolving so fast that some of our earlier posts may have become out of date since they were first written. When reading a past post, please take that into account – and feel free to leave a constructive comment if you can offer an accurate update. Equally, if you have any suggestions for future posts for this Friday Publishing strand in 2014, please leave a comment.

Looking Ahead to 2014 – A Year for Opening Up To Indies

In Spring 2014, at the London Book Fair, we’ll be launching ALLi’s latest handbook for self-publishing authors, which will offer practical advice to self-published authors and to all members of the book trade to help them work more closely to mutual benefit – the core message of the Open Up To Indies campaign.

If you haven’t yet signed our Open Up to Indies Petition, please do so now, to help us build a more successful publishing environment together in 2014 – click here to hop right over to the petition hosted at, where you’ll be able to read more details and sign online.


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