10 Inspirational Posts for Successful Writing and Self-publishing in 2017

Looking back over our last year’s #WritersWednesday posts, ALLi’s Author Advice Center Editor Debbie Young has rounded up 10 constructive tips to help you work towards your writing goals for 2017.

1) Make sure your creative batteries are always fully charged by getting plenty of good quality sleep. If you’re in the bad habit of running on empty, you’ll be surprised at what a difference good sleeping habits make to your productivity.

The Importance of Sleep for Indie Authors

2) Look after yourself in other practical ways too, for example by nurturing your hands and wrists.

Writing: How to Take Care of your Hands and Wrists

3) Find writing role models that are meaningful to you and whose example inspires you to emulate them.

Writing: The Role of Writing Role Models in Your Self-publishing Career

4) Tool up for the job. While some of us are happy with pen and paper, there are plenty of specialist tools around that can lighten your load.

Writing and Editing Tools for Self-publishing Indie Authors

5) Stuck for material? Read your blog archive for ideas that have previously excited you. Or you might even repurpose blog posts to make books.

Writing: How Starting A Blog Turned Me into a Self-published Author

6) Is it time to change your writing habits? Keep an open mind and be ready to try new techniques. You might find they transform your productivity.

How Nanowrimo Changed my Writing Habits

7) Don’t forget to bring in reinforcements to fine-tune your writing – beta readers are the writer’s best friend, and the rewards are two-way.

Writing: How Being a Beta Reader Improves an Indie Author’s Own Work

8) If in doubt, keep writing! Even if you feel like you’re writing gibberish, don’t lose your momentum.

Writing: How to Keep Your Momentum Going When Writing a Book

9) Need to boost your writing income? Consider commercial freelance work to supplement the projects closest to your heart.

Freelancing to pay the Bills : John Lynch

10) Finally, and most important of all, love your writing! Don’t let the pressures of self-publishing sap the joy.

Writing: Take Your Time to Love Your Writing

Good luck in meeting your writing objectives in 2017, and happy new writing year!

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