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The Psychology of Choice

Whether selling books from your website, or offering free content for mailing list signups, marketing psychology can be a useful tool in the indie author’s toolbox. During the redesign of a friend’s website, we pondered how to lay out the books on her sales page for maximum sales. She also wanted to offer a choice […]

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KDP Rules Roundup

There’s a legal principle known as ignorantia juris non excusat: ignorance of the law excuses nothing. That principle is alive and well at Amazon, where an innocent mistake could remove your book from sale, or even banish you from Amazon entirely. That’s why it’s important for authors to understand the rules Amazon has established. Unfortunately, […]

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3 ways to disarm high-pressure sales tactics

Disarming a High-Pressure Seller (Self-Defense for Indie Authors #1)

The growth of the self-publishing industry has made it a prime target for parasites and predators. To help protect you from con artists and predatory service providers, we’re introducing Self-Defense for Indie Authors. This ongoing series of lessons will teach you to recognize and counter the deceptive tactics used to separate indie authors from their […]

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Macmillan’s Acquisition of Pronoun Creates Uncertainty, Hope

Last month, I reviewed Pronoun, an intriguing, free, assisted self-publishing platform. I’m updating that review today with a significant new development: Macmillan has acquired Pronoun. Uncertainty, but optimism too The incursion of Big 5 publishers into the realm of self-publishing has rarely benefited indie authors. The long, ugly history of traditional publishers partnering with predatory […]

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