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Ask ALLi December Self-Publishing Q&A Video & Podcast

Each month, Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn and Orna Ross, ALLi Director, answer ALLi Members’ self-publishing questions. If  you missed our live Q&A session you can catch up with the video, listen to the podcast or read a summary of this month’s questions and answers below. Orna and Joanna always begin the Ask ALLi discussion by sharing updates about their own creative work […]

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Ask ALLi January Self-Publishing Q&A Video & Podcast

Your Self-Publishing Questions answered by Joanna Penn and Orna Ross Each month Joanna and Orna answer Members’ self-publishing questions, and we’ve recapped the video and podcast event for you. But before we dive into a summary of the Q&A segment, here’s a review of the self-publishing and indie author projects that have been absorbing their time. […]

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13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful An Author As You Should Be: JIM KUKRAL

Authors! What is Holding you Back? In this motivational and “tough-love” session, Author Marketing Club Director Jim Kukral explains the things holding you back from success as an author. Sometimes success is about more than book marketing tactics and writing good books. Sometimes… it’s in your head. Ready to be motivated? Ready to hear some […]

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Get Sticky: Create Top of Mind Awareness with Readers: JOY CAPPS

Authors that are top of mind with readers results in more book sales. In this session, you’ll learn how to build awareness, credibility and trust by creating long-term top of mind awareness with your readers. Session attendees will learn: Steps to achieve long-term top of mind awareness Ideas for creating top of mind awareness with […]

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ALLi Insights Event VAT MOSS

ALLi Insights: VAT MOSS with Orna Ross, Henry Hyde & Juliet McKenna Video & Podcast

During this month’s ALLi Insights, Orna Ross unraveled the confusion around #VATMOSS with essential insights from Henry Hyde and Juliet McKenna. You’d be forgiven for thinking this EU VAT discussion is a dry topic and one that couldn’t hold your attention for very long. But this trio did an amazing job of disproving my assumption. I was […]

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ALLi Insights: Books by Design with Joel Friedlander Video and Podcast

ALLi Insights: Books by Design – Understanding Design for Author-Publishers with Joel Friedlander Orna Ross and Joel Friedlander met up at this month’s January ALLi Insights event to look at designing and building better books. Some of the topics discussed were: How many seconds you have to make an impression with your book cover The […]

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