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ALLi Insights: Books By Design With Joel Friedlander Video And Podcast

ALLi Insights: Books by Design with Joel Friedlander Video and Podcast

ALLi Insights: Books by Design – Understanding Design for Author-Publishers with Joel Friedlander


Orna Ross and Joel Friedlander met up at this month's January ALLi Insights event to look at designing and building better books.

Some of the topics discussed were:

  • How many seconds you have to make an impression with your book cover
  • The importance of setting clear goals for your book
  • Defining your audience and understanding your genre
  • Where to look to find book cover inspiration and information about Joel's monthly ebook cover design awards
  • What he thinks about 99 Designs
  • The most common question Joel is asked about his book design process
  • Joel's thoughts on 2015 Industry Trends
  • And his final Design Tip: Don't buck what people expect

ALLi Insights YouTube Video

About Joel Friedlander

Joel Friedlander is the creator of the hugely successful website, The Book Designer, and is ALLi’s Advisor on Book Design.

ALLi Insights SoundCloud Podcast

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