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Is Crowdfunding Publishing’s New Gatekeeper?

Just when we thought we had kicked the gatekeepers of the traditional publishing industry into touch, along comes another challenge: crowdfunding. American fantasy novelist Samantha Warren predicts that crowdfunders will become the new gatekeepers for indie authors who want to self-publish their books, putting the power in the hands of readers rather than executives. But […]

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Top Tips on Crowdfunding for Authors

Authorpreneur Ben Galley kicks off his role as ALLi’s new Crowdfunding Advisor with an introduction to the concept of crowdfunding for self-published authors and shares some helpful tips for crowdfunding success. What is Crowdfunding? As the name suggests, crowdfunding is the raising of funds via a individuals and small contributions: a crowd – a community […]

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Introducing Pubslush: An Online Seminar with Amanda Barbara

Crowd-funding is becoming an increasingly popular way to find financial backing for a project. So how does it work in the literary world? Join ALLi Director Orna Ross for a live Q&A session with Amanda Barbara, Vice President of the publishing-only crowd-funding platform Pubslush. She’ll explain Pubslush’s unique approach, how to join ALLi’s Community Page and how to get money upfront to fund your book.

Join on the day at:

Event starts at 7pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST

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