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Part-Time or Full-Time Self-Published Author? What Does it Take?

Writing full-time is something that many authors aspire to. In fact, it's the pervading "goal" in the industry. The general expectation is that if you write, you want to write full-time. But not everyone does. Which is why today, the Alliance of Independent Authors AskALLi team is looking at part-time or full-time self-publishing author? And what does it take?
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Author Interview With Joanna Penn

Author Interview with Joanna Penn: Authorpreneur Found a Winding Path to Success — Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

My ALLi author guest this week is Joanna Penn, who many of you already know as a successful indie author, businesswoman, and podcaster for ALLi. In fact, her name is almost synonymous with the term authorpreneur. So, this podcast will not focus so much on Joanna's current work, but we'll hear more of her own backstory, what motivates her fictional characters, and what motivates her as a writer, self-publisher, and role model for other indie authors.
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Making the Most of Your ALLi Authorpreneur Membership

As an authorpreneur member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (known as ALLi, pronounced like the word “ally”), you’ve already found success in writing, publishing, and distributing your self-published books. How sure are you that you’re getting the most out of your ALLi authorpreneur membership and that you know about all the resources available here? ALLi Communications Manager Boni Wagner-Stafford offers some insight. 
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Get An Author Photo Readers Will Love

How to Get an Author Photo Readers Will Love

Many indie authors struggle with how to handle their author photo. They’re shy, or modest, or frugal, and don’t want to hire a professional photographer “just” for their author photo. Here’s why Boni Wagner-Stafford, ALLi's communications manager and co-founder of ALLi Partner Member Ingenium Books, believes you should.
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