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The Best Opinion Posts Of 2016

The Best Opinion Posts of 2016

Debbie Young head and shoulders, wearing beret

Debbie Young, sharing her own opinions at the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival earlier this year (Photo: Thomas Shepherd)

At the end of each calendar year, we highlight some of the best posts from our Author Advice Center blog with round-up articles for each category. As regular readers may have spotted, we have a broad theme for each day of the week, and today, Monday, is our usual Opinion slot.

We love to start each week with a provocative opinion post, written from the heart by one of our members about a key issue affecting self-published and indie authors around the world.

With so many great and impassioned posts to choose from, it's invidious to select the highlights from this category for 2016. In my view, they're ALL worth rereading. But as Commissioning Editor of the blog, I would say that, wouldn't I? 😉

So, how to choose… In previous years I've taken the easy route by choosing those which have attracted the most comments. This time I'm choosing some of those that contain the most broadly applicable messages to indie authors of all kinds. These are as follows:

photo of a person shouting through a megaphone

(image by Xenia via Morguefile.com)

To read our full archive of opinion posts, click here.

Meanwhile in Other Categories…

With nearly 1,500 blog posts in our Author Advice Center Archive, on all the different stages of being an indie author from Writing a Book to Selling Rights, don't forget to make the most of this incredible free resource. Any time you need information on any aspect of advice about self-publishing, simply punch into the search box in the sidebar the right keywords for the topic of your choice.

Accessing the ALLi Author Advice Centre blog is free and accessible to all, but if you want to step up your involvement with ALLi in 2017, and to start taking advantage of the 21 reasons to become a paid member of this global organisation at the forefront of self-publishing worldwide, click here.

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