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Creative Planning Principles

The 21 Creative Planning Principles: Creative Self-Publishing Podcast with Orna Ross

Orna Ross hosts an enlightening discussion on the twenty-one creative planning principles that underlie her creative planning program and extends an invitation to listeners to participate in her big annual creative planning workshop and workbook launch on January 4, 2024. Whether you're a seasoned author or just starting out, this episode offers valuable insights to enhance your creative process and apply it to publishing as well as writing. Tune in to start the journey toward having your most productive and profitable year ever in 2024.
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Metrics Of Mastery

Metrics of Mastery — Measuring Your Writing and Publishing Progress: Creative Self-Publishing Podcast with Orna Ross

In today’s episode of the Creative Self-Publishing podcast: Metrics of Mastery, Orna Ross delves deep into the nuanced world of measuring creative progress in both writing and publishing. With insights drawn from her own experiences and ALLi members, Orna offers four metrics that reflect genuine growth for an indie author–productivity, platform, profits, and personal satisfaction. Learn how to set meaningful measures and celebrate every milestone. Plus, find out about the third edition of Orna’s book Creative Self-Publishing, out now, and her associated planning program.
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