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Kindle between bookends

Opinion: Why Indie Authors Should Start Talking About Pbooks and Abooks

ALLi’s founder and director Orna Ross considers the tricky issue of terminology when talking about self-published books in their many different forms. “What do we think about ‘p-book’?” asked Andy Lowe, ALLi’s watchdog recently. “I’ve heard some of our US members say it,” I said. “I guess it makes sense. E-book = electronic book. P-book = […]

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Michael N Marcus headshot

Opinion: How I Learned to Love the Ebook

“I initially refused to publish ebooks because I thought they were so damned ugly, and I resented my lack of control over what a reader saw,” says prolific US author Michael N Marcus, who has been writing books since 1977 and self-publishing them since 2008. Here he confesses how and why he eventually learned to stop worrying […]

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Joel Friedlander Self Publishing Advice

The Self Publishing Roadmap from our Advisor Joel Friedlander

Joel Friedlander, author of A Self-Publisher’s Companion and book design advisor to the Alliance (ALLi), always impresses with the depth of his knowledge, not just on design matters but everything to do with self-publishing. He’s releasing a series of training videos, called The Self Publishing Roadmap, packed with useful information and tips — and  is […]

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The History of Self-Publishing

1. From Bard to Scribe Publishing began with the transition from oral to written culture. In traditional society, bards were renowned and respected and supported themselves by travelling and sharing their stories and information with the community at large. This spoken tradition shaped the way words were heard, held and passed on for centuries, probably millennia […]

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