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Cover of Portrait of a Secret Agent

Why I Write What I Write

Estonian author Tina Tamman describes how her BBC career inspired her to write and ultimately self-publish biographies of key players associated with her native country. I have published two biographies over the past four years and I am working on a third one. Not that I ever wanted to become a biographer or imagined becoming […]

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Joanne Phillips, author and indexer

How to Index A Self-Published Non-Fiction Book – A Beginner’s Guide by Joanne Phillips

Professional indexer and successful self-published novelist Joanne Phillips provides an easy-to-follow guide to compiling an index for a self-published non-fiction book. Providing an index gives your non-fiction book a professional edge, and compiling one is as easy as ABC once you’ve mastered the basic rules. A non-fiction book without an index always strikes me as slightly […]

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