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Artificial Intelligence Act

Literary Groups Celebrate as Europe’s Artificial Intelligence Act Nears Law: Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

In this episode of the Self-Publishing News Podcast, Dan Holloway celebrates a pivotal moment for the publishing industry with the passage of Europe's Artificial Intelligence Act, a landmark legislation requiring transparency in the training of generative AI platforms, including the disclosure of works used in their development. This act, widely welcomed by publishers, marks a significant step in regulating AI's role in creative industries. Dan also revisits the London Book Fair, highlighting the Selfies Awards and the achievements of ALLi authors. He also explores various AI-related topics, including the implications of AI in legal practices and literary translation. Dan also addresses the underrepresentation of indie authors in a report on the UK publishing industry's economic impact.
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2024 Selfies Awards

Winners of the 2024 Selfies Awards Announced at London Book Fair: Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

In this special episode of the Self-Publishing News Podcast, Dan Holloway brings us the latest from the London Book Fair, including the much-anticipated announcement of the 2024 Selfies Awards winners. Dan also discusses the resurgence of analog in a digital world, the implications of recent policy changes by major tech platforms like Facebook/Meta, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail, and fantasy author Brandon Sanderson's innovative crowdfunding success.
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ALLi Out and About: London Book Fair

Welcome back to our continuing series of articles ALLi Out and About. The Alliance of Independent Authors AskALLi team is asking members who attend book fairs, conferences or industry events (be they in-person or online) to share the lessons they've learned attending the events. This is ALLi Out and About: London Book Fair.
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20Books Seville

Insights from 20Books Seville and the London Book Fair: Advanced Self-Publishing Podcast With Orna Ross and Joanna Penn

In this month’s Advanced Self-Publishing Podcast ALLi Director Orna Ross and Enterprise Adviser Joanna Penn discuss insights gleaned from their visits to the 2023 London Book Fair and 20Books to 50K conference in Spain. They share what they consider to be the most important trends, tools and technologies emerging for authors, with advice on how to make these work for you, and their personal lessons learned.
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