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Self-publishing News: Eyes on the Prize

My voice finally gave way on Saturday morning, but before that I had the privilege to be part of something wonderful here in Oxford. Saturday was Oxford Translation Day, a wonderful gathering of writers from around the world, and the translators bringing their work to new audiences, talking about all the challenges and opportunities that […]

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Self-publishing News: What’s In Store

The big literary event of the week for me was the year’s first Oxford Professor of Poetry lecture, an event that happens just three times a year. The title was the wonderfully tempting “Poetry and the Underworld: Access All Areas”, and Simon Armitage took us on a wonderful exploration of the poet’s conversation with death. […]

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This Week’s Self-publishing News

It is a confusing time of year. Here in the UK Facebook feeds have been bursting at the seams with glorious variants on the theme of “Go home April, you’re drunk” as blizzards shoe in the, er, summer. Whichever hemisphere you’re in, at least you can wrap up warm and know that you are free […]

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