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The Ultimate Guide to Brexit for Indie Authors

Brexit has been on the Brit's lips for the last few years, whether you agree with leaving the EU or not, I'm sure relieved it won't be in the news much more. But before we depart the topic, we must first study the implications for authors. Today, Alliance of Independent Authors news editor, Dan Holloway is here to explain exactly what the impacts are for indie authors.
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Self-publishing News: Whose Rights?

The European Union's copyright reform legislation passed last week. Many bodies representing authors and publishers are delighted. Many internet freedom campaigners are devastated. What does this mean for you. Also, interesting developments at Amazon.
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Self-publishing News: Amazon Ventures Forth

Amazon moves into from-your-doorstep delivery and releases a Wordpress plug-in to turn your blogs into podcasts, the EU fails to do away with geoblocking, and earning a living through self-publishing non-fiction on Medium proves tricky.
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Self-publishing News: Grand Decentral Station

ALLi's Self-publishing News looks at how changes to Patreon's business model will affect indies, new developments in blockchain, an exciting breakthrough for indies in dealing with European Union tax law complexity, and the growth of the digital textbook rental market.
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