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Opinion: Book Reviewing Begins at Home

Debbie Young, Commissioning Editor of this blog, shares her heartfelt views about book reviewing, and explains why she’s changing her strategy. Around the turn of the New Year, I had a revelation: that, like charity, book reviewing should really begin at home. I don’t mean review your own books – although, startlingly, I’ve just come […]

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Watchdog: The Two-Way Ethics of Authors and Service Providers

    Continuing the conversation begun in ALLi’s Ethical Author campaign towards the end of 2014, ALLi Watchdog Giacomo Giammaetteo draws attention to the importance of indie authors behaving ethically towards service providers. Ethical Behavior Is Not An Option I’ve seen a lot of talk—complaining actually—about the ethics of traditional publishers, vanity presses, and even […]

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Looking Back: A recap on ALLi’s 2014

It’s been quite a year for all of us at ALLi – and as we take time out for the holidays, it’s also a good excuse to take stock of the past year, before 2014 becomes 2015. Opening up to Indie Authors APRIL 2014: This was ALLi’s second anniversary, and over at the London Book […]

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