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Your Questions Answered: Illustrated Children’s Books

Children's publishing can sometimes be an enigma. Your customers aren't your readers and your readers aren't your customers. A nuance reserved mostly for children's books alone. So how do you successfully publish them? Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors welcomes partner member MCRL and authorpreneur Larry Feign to answer all your questions from print sizing and materials all the way to marketing, mindset and reaching readers. This is your questions answered: illustrated children's books.
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Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Kelly Chang Rickert

Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Kelly Chang Rickert: Family Law Attorney Writes Books to Help Kids Get Through Divorce

My ALLi author guest this episode is Kelly Chang Rickert, a family law attorney in California who is often asked to comment on high-profile celebrity divorce cases. But to Kelly, the airing of dirty laundry in public and couples who just cannot get past their disagreements can only have a negative impact on children. That's why she started writing books for divorcing parents and their children to read together.
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Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Nicholas Nawroth

Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Nicholas Nawroth: Artist’s Love of Dogs Makes Heartwarming Kids’ Books Paw-sible

My ALLi author guest this episode is Nicholas Nawroth, who took his interest in art and dogs to create a series of children's books featuring the adventures of dog characters based on real canines he has known. What gives Nick the most joy is the thought that his books are creating special moments for children, when they settle down to a story with an adult. I'll let Nick tell his story.
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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Children’s Books

Marketing books is hard enough. But what happens when your readers aren't the people paying for the books? That's the problem children's authors face. Alliance of Independent Authors members, Karen Inglis and Kate Woodard discuss selling children's books and the methods that have worked for them.
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Kate Woodard

Interview with Kate Woodard: Children’s Author Breaks Language Barrier in Brazil — Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

My guest this week is Kate Woodard, a children's-book author who did not let a language barrier stand in the way of connecting and communicating with young people. When Kate moved to Brazil, she spoke not a word of Portuguese. But through making local connections with schools and bookstores, her readers were able to find her and the language barriers were broken down.
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Christine Reynebeau

Interview with Christine Reynebeau: Teaching Kids Nontraditional Lessons: Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

My guest this week is Christine Reynebeau, a children's author who used the experience she gained working in youth development to write books that teach lessons often missed by traditional books aimed at kids. Along the way, she went through some horrific experiences with vanity presses before she finally found the right formula for self-publishing success with Dreambuilt Books.
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Opinion: The Emotion of Book Publishing

Once you've published a book or three, it's easy to forget the emotional rollercoaster the first book took you on. Sure, there are always highs and lows in this business, but there's nothing quite like the first book. ALLi associate member Nadia Stewart knows the emotion of book publishing all too well. She tell us about her journey trying to publish her first book. 
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