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How Self-Publishers Reach Readers

We had a wide-ranging discussion on the ALLi Member-Only Facebook Page recently about book promotion and how to reach readers, that deserves a wider audience.

It started when Susanne Lakin (see below) posted one of her great links, to Russell Blake’s exploration of Amazon’s KDP algorithms and free days.

And then, as is wont to happen on our lively discussion page, the chat started:

  • Natalie Wright His observations seem true based on what a lot of authors are saying. Since the most recent change in the algorithm, there just isn’t as big as an increase in sales as there was at the end of last year/ beginning of this year.
  • Joni Rodgers Interesting. I think free has its place, but we have to be more strategic about it than we were during Kindle Select shakedown cruise. I just launched a book in Kindle Select, hoping to get some little bullet point ( ie “#1 mystery download!” “Top 10 on Kindle Select”) but I’m not keeping books enrolled.
  • James Calbraith So how does a new author increase their visibility now? Kindle Select used to be the last thing that still worked…
  • Natalie Wright That’s a good question James.
  • Joni Rodgers: ‎James, that’s the question that’s always been asked within corporate publishers as well, and in recent years the responsibility has shifted increasingly away from
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Self-Publishers Promote Each Other

We value each other's work

We’ve been having a debate about self-promotion on our Alliance of Independent Authors’ member-only Facebook group.  And one of our members, Richard Bunning, came up with a great idea to get around this  perennial problem for self-publishers and the forums they hang out on.

Like most great ideas, it’s simple. Naturally, as writers, we want to share news of our books and other writings but

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