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Publishing: How To Get Self-published Books Featured on Apple iBooks

British children’s author Karen Inglis provides a useful summary of how self-published authors can get their books featured in the increasingly significant iBooks store for users of Apple iOS devices. While we all know that Kindle sales dominate overall ebooks sales volumes, many indie authors are taking the long-term view and choosing to list their […]

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Karen Inglis

Writers: Mind Your Backs!

Self-published children’s author Karen Inglis provides a cautionary tale about back care for writers everywhere. We hope it wasn’t back pain that caused her to name one of her children’s novels Eeek! Almost four years ago to the day, I stood up after a three-hour stint sitting at my desk to be greeted by a […]

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W8-BEN Form reclaim form. Self-publishing authors reclaim your US Tax

Self-Publishing From Outside USA: How To Reclaim US Tax on Indie Author Royalties

If you are a non-US author, your royalties from your US book sales will be subject to a 30% withholding tax until you complete the necessary paperwork to claim exemption. And we know how you just love paperwork. Never fear, Karen Inglis makes it easy, with her step-by-step guide.  Update April 2016: THE INFORMATION BELOW IS NO LONGER […]

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