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New Publishing Rights Benefits For ALLi Members – Part Two: TMA Literary Agency

New Publishing Rights Benefits for ALLi Members – Part Two: TMA Literary Agency

In addition to our discount and publishing rights consultancy for members with IPR License, ALLi has partnered with Toby Mundy, of TMA, to help our professional members sell their publishing rights, including translation, film and TV rights.

Our New Publishing Rights Initiative

TMA Literary Agency  (in association with Ed Victor Ltd.) is to work with ALLi to bring more indie authors to the attention of rights buyers all over the world. Our first initiative will see a unique Rights’ Catalogue of qualifying books by ALLi members being shown to interested buyers, and represented at the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs.

This twice-yearly catalogue — which will grow over time — will be distributed to literary scouts and film and TV industry movers and shakers around the globe.

The indie-author space is different to the traditional author space and needs different handling,” says Toby Mundy of TMA, the agency that, working closely with the authors, will field and handle the rights enquiries. “There is huge interest in what is happening in the indie-author space among traditional publishers desperate for the kinds of ‘proof of concept’ self-publishing can provide.”

Introducing TMA

Toby Mundy of TMAToby Mundy founded TMA in 2014. His creative management company represents authors and speakers, and also helps brands to publish.

TMA gives writers high-quality advice to help them to build careers and plan for the future in a changing market place. Our partnership with Ed Victor Limited, one of London’s most distinguished literary agencies, provides first-rate back office support to ensure that TMA, and ALLi, authors benefit from a seamless service.


Orna Ross ALLi Director

Orna Ross ALLi Director

Orna Ross, Director of ALLi said, “One of the reasons we are able to put forward this service for our member, indie authors all, is that TMA is uniquely flexible. Non-exclusivity is very important for indies, whether we are dealing with publishers, author services or literary agents.

TMA is willing to work with authors who are represented by other agents for some books, to just focus on their self-published work or to work with them in whatever way is best. Each relationship with each author will be unique and centred, in true indie style, on the authors being the creative directors of their own publishing careers.”

Introducing Toby Mundy

Before starting TMA, Toby founded Atlantic Books Limited, where he served as chief executive and publisher from 2000 to 2014. He published a number of bestsellers and prize-winning titles, including The Good Doctor and In a Strange Room by Damon Galgut; God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens, Gould’s Book of Fish by Richard Flanagan and Paradise and Power by Robert Kagan. Toby won ‘Editor of the Year’ and Atlantic Books also won ‘Imprint of the Year’ (2005, 2008) and ‘Independent Publisher of the Year’ (2008) at the British Book Awards. Toby is currently executive director of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-fiction. He has appeared regularly on the Evening Standard’s list of London’s 1,000 Most Influential People.

Enjoy Toby's ALLi Insights

Toby and ALLi Director Orna Ross's discussed this new rights partnership in depth, in our November 2015 ALLi Insights event. If you missed the live event, click through here to watch the video or listen to the podcast.


Enjoy The Publishing Rights Benefits of ALLi Membership

ALLi also offers Author Members other rights services, in co-operation with IPR License.


ALLi Professional Members Are Invited to Submit For Inclusion in The Catalogue Using This Form Below


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