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ALLi Member Milestones: Selfie Award Shortlists, Debut Novels, Four-Figure Months And More!

ALLi Member Milestones: Selfie Award Shortlists, Debut Novels, Four-Figure Months and More!


This regular post from the Alliance of Independent Authors celebrates success stories from across our members as inspiration for our indie author community. This time we celebrate Selfie award shortlists, debut novels,  four figure months, and more…

A big congratulations to those featured in this month's Member Milestones: Anna Sayburn Lane, Mark Coram, Susan Grossey, Jill Dobson, and Felicity Green. 

Do you have a member milestone to share? 

We are always looking to hear from our members about your achievements; from those of you who are just setting out, to our most experienced Authorpreneurs. Whatever your achievement, if you are a Member of ALLi, please tell us about your recent success stories using this form. We will share a selection of stories each month with our members and our wider indie author network.

Anna Sayburn

Anna Sayburn Lane

Author Member: Anna Sayburn Lane

Anna is inspired by literature, London and long walks. She has published award-winning short stories and was picked as a “Crime in the Spotlight” new author at the 2019 Bloody Scotland International Crime Writing Festival. You can follow Anna on Instagram: @annasayburnlane or X: @bloomsburyblue.

Member Milestone:

In January I hit my first four-figure sales month (after years of self-publishing) with my new 1920s murder mystery series.

I moved from writing for a hobby to writing for a living. I recognised that my first series (contemporary thriller) was just not selling, much as I loved it! So I set about researching genres that appealed to me, learning about the tropes, identifying my comp authors, and finally writing the best books I could in the historical mystery genre. I'm so happy that it's starting to pay off.

What have you learned?

1: Admit when something isn't working and have the humility to ask more successful authors for help.

2: Have the courage to change tack and rebuild.

3: Have faith that a well-written, well-pitched series, in a genre with a good readership, will find its fans.

Mark Coram

Mark Coram

Associate Member: Mark Coram 

Mark Coram writes Humorous Fantasy and lives in Corryton, Tennessee, USA, with his loving wife and indifferent cat. You can find out more about Mark on his website: Mark Coram.

Member Milestone:

I've just self-published my debut novel, The Abundant Abductions of Sploonth. It's a milestone that I never thought I would reach.

What have you learned?

Ignore the self-doubt and get the thing out.

Susan Grossey

Susan Grossey

Author Member: Susan Grossey

After making her living from crime for thirty years, Susan settled on writing historical crime novels. She completed a series of seven set in London and is now working on a series of five set in Cambridge – all featuring constables and the 1820s (best decade ever!). Find out more about Susan Grossey on Facebook: @SusanGrosseyAuthor or Instagram: @authorsusangrossey.

Member Milestone:

My latest novel “Ostler” was shortlisted for a Selfies Book Award 2024. These are the UK Book Awards For The Best Indie Published Fiction, Children’s Book And General Non-Fiction: The Selfies. Winners are announced a Author HQ at the London Book Fair on Tuesday, 12th March.

I'm proud because, this is my ninth self-published novel and I have put all my experience into it – writing, designing, publishing, marketing…

What have you learned?

That my “plodding” nature (according to “supportive” friends and family…) and terrier-like determination can actually be a good thing!

Jill Dobson

Jill Dobson 2023 – © Julie Broadfoot – www.juliebee.co.uk

Author Member: Jill Dobson 

Originally from Yorkshire, Jill grew up in Australia and now lives in Scotland. She published her first novel in 1988, with a traditional publisher, and went indie in 2024.

Member Milestone:

I have just published my first novel as an indie author. I'm proud because when I was dropped by my trad publisher after three books, I spent years querying agents and publishers and doubting myself as a writer. In taking back the power, I've also got back my confidence.

What have you learned?

I've learnt to readjust my notion of success – very few trad authors win the Booker or hit the bestseller lists. For me, success means writing the books I want to write and making them available for readers, bypassing all the gatekeepers.

Felicity Green

Felicity Green

Author Member: Felicity Green

Felicity Green is the best-selling paranormal mystery and urban fantasy author of over 30 books, in English and German. Set in Scotland, England, and Ireland, Felicity’s books are all about magic and mystery, often with murder and mayhem thrown into the mix. You can find Felicity on Facebook or Instagram.

Member Milestone:

My most successful paranormal cozy mystery series is finally out in English: The Scottish Witches Mysteries. THE WITCH CLUB (book 1) and HERB WITCH FOR HIRE (book 2) have already garnered positive reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. This is thanks to the great many readers who have signed up to my English newsletter in the last couple of months, enjoying my free novella, NO REST FOR THE WICKED WITCH.

I have been making a living as an author with my over 30 books in German for many years. As a former UK resident and bilingual speaker, I always intended to publish my books in English. I tried and failed with another series in 2016. Reaching readers in a different language market while also trying to keep up with new German releases proved too difficult.

What have you learned?

It took me a long time to accept my past failure, but now I understand I should be thankful for it. Failures are an inevitable part of a long-term indie author career—and they should be embraced. I'm glad I failed with an insignificant series that wasn't really on brand for me and could now try again with my most popular series—with a better strategy and tactics that help me connect with readers across the pond. I look forward to making more mistakes in the future and trying again and again.

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