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Book Distribution: The Benefits Of Ingram’s IPage Service

Book Distribution: The Benefits of Ingram’s iPage Service

Headshot of Andy Bromley

Andy Bromley, Marketing Manager, Ingram Content Group

Ingram's Andy Bromley shares news of a wider roll-out of its ipage ® distribution system, designed to enable indie authors and booksellers to work more easily in a mutually beneficial partnership that is financially worthwhile for both parties. Originally available in the US, it's now spreading further afield, most recently to the UK. 

Historically, indie authors and booksellers have struggled to efficiently print, stock and provide readers with titles they want, when they want it and at a great price. However, today’s technology can open new ways to streamline book distribution, creating cost-savings and efficiencies.

Ingram logoIngram Content Group (Ingram) works to help content reach its destination around the world. With 25 global offices, Ingram works to create technologies and solutions that help authors, booksellers and publishers efficiently reach their target audiences. ­

The Spread of ipage®

Ingram’s ipage®  has been established in the US as a leading book ordering platform for several years and has helped many independently published titles find their way into bookstores. Off the back of this success, ipage® has recently provided UK retailers the ability to order in GBP straight from Ingram’s catalog of 14 million titles.

ipage® is an easy-to-use online search, order and account management platform which, for independent bookstores in the UK, not only means more choice but also, in most cases, better terms, including free shipping to locations within the UK on any order size.

For Greater Visibility

This system also means that indie publishers and authors have the opportunity to achieve better visibility in bookstores across the UK. Provided your titles are available through IngramSpark® or Lightning Source® and enabled for distribution with GBP pricing, they will be available for these UK retailers to order.

The benefits of choosing print-on-demand (POD) for your titles is that they are never out of stock, which is why the messaging displayed to bookstores is so important.

Through Ingram, our retailers know that a paperback book can be printed and shipped from our facilities usually within 48 hours.

There is also virtually no distinction between physical books stored in a warehouse and those that are POD, with a live ‘stock count’ being shown for both.

Indie authors need to be agile and swift in their distribution plans. POD and ordering systems like ipage® help independents get their books out there, while keeping costs down.

If you are aware of any booksellers that may be interest in ipage®, provide them with the following link to learn more: www.ingramcontent.com/ipage

OVER TO YOU Do you have experience of using ipage to help build your relationship with physical bookstores? We'd love to hear your story.

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Author: Andy Bromley

Andy Bromley is Marketing Manager at Ingram Content Group and based at Milton Keynes, England. He previously worked in academic publishing, with management posts at Cambridge University Press, Pearson and others.


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  1. Andy/Ingram has no rights to my intellectual property. ‘Divine Inspiration Creation Speaks in Every language. They have been sharing my files from my gmail and conducting business using my Imprint/Name selling my intellectual property through distributors such as Am…., Ye…, Tex….., Des…. and other distributors. I spoke with 2 distributors who informed me Ingram was the publisher for my book one even had a publication date with 2024. I never did business with neither Andy/ Ingram yet they are sharing my files and conducting business using my identity.

    My copyright states ” All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the written permission of the author”.

    They have altered my copyright, to say “All quotations remain the intellectual property of the author. The author owns copyright for all her quotes. Material in this book may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission from the author” Andy/ Ingram, where is your written permission to sell my copyrighted work. Is your way of doing business hacking into my email and sharing my files the way to di so it appears you have my permission to do so. I have sent emails and you continue to do so now the truth needs to be made known.

    Andy/Ingram nor any of it’s affiliates have no right to publish, sell and distribute my intellectual property. Andy/Ingram this is identity theft and business inpersonation. You can not continue to share my email and files.

  2. Orna you claim that neither you nor Ingram have any personal interest in my book. Ingram has been using my Imprint since 2017 to do business with my manuscript. Their logo has been in my email for a few years now and I never did business with them. I only communicated with them via email. Their logo has finally been removed from my email and so has my manuscript . They are now promoting ipage for my book using your platform with my Imprint. You claim they have no interest, if they do not why are they using my Imprint. You are promoting Business Impersonation when you give a blind eye to the truth.

  3. Hi Orna you promised to send the info. to Ingram Sparks for them to correct whatever error was at play, if there was one since 2019. Thank you Orna I will get to the bottom of it this time.

    1. When I put up the link for Dogear Publishing it was published but the link for Ingram selling my ipage is not published. Why?

    1. Orna I sent the link to you showing you that Ingram was selling ipage(R) for my book and Andy Bromley edited it and removed the link so let me explain it to you and others since he removed the link.The link is dated July 27, 2017 – if you are aware of any booksellers that may be interested in ipage,…owner of Divine Inspiration “Creation speaks in every language”.

      Andy Bromley is selling ipage (R) for my book. I do not know how Ingram/Andy Bromley can put (R) next to my copyrighted work. This is squatting. This will be addressed with Ingram.

  4. X Dogear Publishing CEO has taken self publishing to a whole new level. His understanding of self publishing is to hack into my devices, harrass me use my name emails phone numbers, my identity andintellectual property to make it his own. Selling my intellectual Property with my name, then go online and put up derogatory information to get me in trouble with the law so he can continue to assume my identity


  5. Identity crisis. I guess R.R/Dog Ear Publishing has made such a mess of his name so he offering services using my name. I hope he sees this post. Divine Inspiration creation speaks in every Sharon Holland Johnson is not offering paper writing services. . Should incase you use such a service and lose your money please contact Dog Ear Publishing CEO. thank you.

  6. I terminated Dog Ear Publishing services 2016. 2019 they connected a tablet to my device and was sharing my files doing business in my name. My manuscript was removed and replaced with an altered one . It is 2021 and now they are setting up Nook book on Barnes & Noble website with the manuscript they removed from my email using the name Dogear Publishing. They continue to use their ISBN # for my title and my title is registered with BOWKER with my own ISBN #. To add insult to injury they are selling my book in China and have even added one additional 10 digit unregistered ISBN#. This experience is sata…

  7. Since you have provided a platform I will take the opportunity to te my experience. My ybook Divine Inspiration files were stolen from the files on my phone by Dogear Publishing/Ray Robinsn. When confronted with the facts they changed their site. Now they are using amazon to cover their wrong doings. G2017 my book was stolen by Eliabeth Khouri and Otis Chandler of goodreads copyright in audio. Never met them

    At the moment it is being listed copyright by Goodreads Inc. I have sole rights to r my book.
    Are we living in a jungle or what.

    To d

    1. Author of ‘Divine Inspiration Creation Speaks in Every Language’ is not selling ipage (R) Title is All Rights Reserved. Not for hire.

  8. Orna you are sending information to Ingram Sparks , if Andy Bromey is the Marketing Director for Ingram Content Group , Milton Keynes England, why are you sending information to Ingram Sparks, USA. You very well know they are not at Ingram Sparks.

    Why not send the information to Andy Bromley and Robin Cutler in the UK and let them speak for themselves.

  9. Orna question -Why is my name listed under Book Distribution ipage for inde authors self publishing advice. The benefits of ingram ipage?

    As I mentioned before I am not a beneficiary of ingram ipage. To take a statement that I sent to VERO, edit it and put it in on ALLI website is nothing but deceptive.

    If my book is not being sold why promote it on ALLI./Ingram ipage. All I am asking is for Andy Robin and yourself to remove my name from your Alli / Ingram ipage.

    I need to republish my book. I do not need to see you keep promoting it with a publisher whose services that I terminated three years age who also continue to list my book for sale.

    I had to pay to have it listed when they were my publisher. QUESTION Who is paying to have it listed now?

  10. Watch dog desk you need to keep an eye on Andy Bromley, Orna Ross and Ronin Kutler. They are going into the Ingram archives and selling my book. I terminated the publishers services since 2016, was told by Ingram my metadata was removed from their system as I requested, as per my copyright, yet Anazon Ingram and Dogear publishing continue to advettise and sell my book.

    Everywhere you look ilage is being posted talking about benefits of ingran ipage with edited portions of statements I made in the past,

    They have even taken it a step further and set up ficttious business sites using my name and personal info. on their listing with my book so what they are doing look ligitimate,

    1. Of course this isn’t true, S Holland Johnson. I have never been near the Ingram archives, I don’t even know what that is. I can assure you that neither I, nor anyone at Ingram, has any personal interest in your book in the way that you imply. We have passed your complaint onto Ingram Spark, though, and I’m sure they will fix whatever error is at play, if there is one.

  11. I was never an indie author so why is ingram ipage advertising my book when i terminated the services of my publisher 2016. This is called piracy where is your moral compass. You are not permitted to promote nor sell it.

  12. Alliance for Independent Authors, Ingram, Web Book, American Book Sellers Association Dogearr Publishing nor any one is not permitted to advertise nor sell this book. They have no legal right to do so. Thank you.

  13. Kindly remove my name from from your ipage. I have had nothing but internet harrassment from you all kindly remove my name from your ipage and stop selling my book. Thank you.

  14. I am Sharon Holland Johnson author and erified owner of Divine Inspiration “Creation speaks in every language”. I terminated the services of Dogear Publishing 2016 and told them to stop printing and sales of my book. I noticed my book is still being sold on Amazon and was told that Ingram was the publisher for my book withm. I would like to get some information on thatplease. My email is [email protected]

  15. Thanks for the article Andy, very interesting. Is there more details about how iPage works in the US? I’d love to better understand how the interface shows up for retailers like B&N so that I can more accurately describe how my books can be ordered, and hopefully avoid them seeing them as POD which often negatively affect their buying decisions.

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