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AskALLi Podcasts 2022: Our Self-Publishing Advice Shows Kept You Informed This Past Year

AskALLi Podcasts 2022: Our Self-Publishing Advice Shows Kept You Informed This Past Year

In our AskALLi Podcasts 2022, we kept on top of fast-changing news in the indie publishing world and had lots of advice for authors from beginning to advanced levels. Should authors exit Twitter? Do I need a developmental editor? What are self-publishing values? Our expert team answered these and other questions as an eventful year progressed. Below are a few of our best podcasts of the year, but we're already planning on making 2023 even better. 

AskALLi Podcasts 2022: Beginner Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

Dan Parsons and Melissa Addey present a beginner self-publishing advice session on a theme that's important to indie authors at all levels, but especially those starting out.

Editing and Proofreading

Writing a book is impressive but getting yours to a publishable standard is a whole other trial by fire. Doing so requires a stringent quality control process, a team of collaborators, and several editorial stages. Parsons andAddey walk listeners through the major editing stages that authors must face to turn a written manuscript into a professional product. Together, they’ll discuss the whys, hows, and whens of editing, as well as insights from their own processes.

AskALLi Podcasts 2022: Members Q&A Podcast

Michael La Ronn and Sacha Black answer members’ most pressing self-publishing questions. All are welcome to listen and learn but only paid-up ALLi Members can submit questions.

Do I Need a Developmental Editor? How Do I Launch a Kickstarter?

Do I need a developmental editor? How do I launch a Kickstarter? These are among the questions answered in this month's AskALLi Member Q&A with Michael La Ronn and Sacha Black.

Other questions include:

  • What is the best tool to research categories for my book?
  • Are Amazon Ads a good place to start marketing my book?
  • How do I get the rights back to my book?

AskALLi Podcasts 2022: Self-Publishing News Podcast

Tune in to our monthly Self-Publishing News podcast with Alli News Editor Dan Holloway and book editor Howard Lovy. Together, they will bring you the latest in indie publishing news and commentary.

Should Indie Authors Exit Twitter?

Should indie authors exit Twitter in light of all the company turmoil? Also, a judge says no to Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House merger. What does that mean for authors?

AskALLi Podcasts 2022: Advanced Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

Orna Ross and Joanna Penn give their top tips and tools for producing better books, reaching more readers and running a successful author business. This podcast is most suitable for those who have published more than one book and want to expand their income, impact and influence.

Self-Publishing Values: Exploring Craft, Engagement, and Volume Publishing for Authors

All publishers care about craft, engage with readers, and harness the power of book retailer algorithms—but each publisher must also decide whether they are primarily a craft publisher (focus: creative excellence) an engagement publisher (focus: responsive to readers) or a volume publisher (focus: driving algorithms). Orna and Joanna address the differences between these publishing approaches, how they’ve shown up in their own work, and the difference it makes when you know which approach best suits your books.

Author: Howard Lovy

Howard Lovy is a novelist, nonfiction author, developmental book editor, and journalist. He is also the news and podcast producer for the Alliance of Independent Authors. You can learn more about him at https://howardlovy.com/


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