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Audiobook Award Tips

Top Tips for Entering Audiobook Awards for Indie Authors: Award Update February 2024

Audiobooks have become a convenient reading choice for many people living fast-paced lives, fitting seamlessly into busy daily routines. This shift in readers' habits is reflected in the expansion of audiobook categories in book awards, which serve to acknowledge the unique qualities and contributions of this burgeoning medium. Today I take a closer look at audiobook awards. 
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Audiobook Creators

Spotify Says It Has Paid Audiobook Creators ‘Tens of Millions’ but Society of Authors Calls for Transparency: Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

This week on the Self-Publishing News Podcast, Dan Holloway addresses Spotify's claim of paying "tens of millions" to audiobook creators. The Society of Authors and other groups are demanding greater transparency from Spotify regarding these payments. Dan explores the implications of this issue for indie authors and the publishing industry.
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Author Nation Conference

A Preview of the Author Nation Conference: Publishing for Profit with Orna Ross and Joe Solari

ALLi Director Orna Ross welcomes the Alliance’s newly appointed Business Adviser, Joe Solari. Listeners will get an insight into Joe's expertise and innovative vision for the indie publishing industry, followed by a detailed discussion about the upcoming Author Nation conference in Las Vegas, scheduled for November 2024, with early-bird tickets just released. Joe shares his exciting plans for the event, explains how it will differ from the 20Books conference, and what to expect if you attend this largest event in the world for indie authors.
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Campaign Update 2024

Inclusive Authorship, Banned Books, and New Ambassadors: 2024 ALLi Campaigns Update

One of our roles here at the Alliance of Independent Authors is to run our own campaigns to inform or support developments in the self-publishing community, as well as collaborate on the great campaigns run by others that share our values and goals. This week AskALLi gives you a rundown of all the current campaigns and how you can help with this 2024 ALLI Campaigns update.
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Why Kickstarter is the Most Creative Way to Launch Your Book: Creative Self-Publishing Podcast with Orna Ross

In the latest episode of the Creative Self-Publishing Podcast, ALLi Director Orna Ross explores the innovative potential of Kickstarter for book launches. Sharing her personal experiences, Orna reveals how Kickstarter serves as more than a funding tool, fostering deeper connections with readers and authors. A valuable listen for any self-publisher looking to tap into the creative possibilities of book publishing through crowdfunding.
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Member Milestones: February 2024

Publishing in Retirement, A First Standalone Novel, and an Escape Room Experience: Celebrating ALLi Member Milestones

This regular post from the Alliance of Independent Authors celebrates indie author success stories from across our members as inspiration for our indie author community. This time around we celebrate first standalone novels, publishing after retirement, and a locked room experience based on historical fiction books. A big congratulations to those featured in this month's Member Milestones: February 2024. 
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