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How to Self-Edit a Book & Interview with Inspirational Indie Author Susan Grossey: AskALLi Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon February 2019

Orna Ross and Tim Lewis discuss the challenges and delights of self-editing for author-publishers. Every author needs to self-edit before submission but when you’re self publishing, there are particular things you need to think about. Tune in to a wide-ranging discussion on this essential topic, including tips and tools and the value of beta readers. […]

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What do Author Income Surveys Mean for Indies? AskALLi Advanced Self-Publishing Salon February 2019

In this month’s Advanced Self-Publishing Salon from the Alliance of Independent Authors, Orna Ross and Joanna Penn explore the findings of the US Authors’ Guild Survey on author income and issues arising, including the problems with most author income surveys. What are the takeaways for indie authors who want to make a decent income from their […]

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