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Email Marketing Tips

More Email Marketing Tips for Indie Authors: The Reaching More Readers Podcast with Dale L. Roberts and Holly Greenland

In the Reaching More Readers podcast, Dale L. Roberts and Holly Greenland continue sharing their insights with email marketing tips—building an effective strategy for indie authors. Their discussion includes the frequency of sending mailers, how to build subscribers, and the importance of automation. Dale and Holly provide practical tips and best practices to help authors connect with readers and promote their books through the all-important email newsletters.
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AI-Written Film

Self-Publishing News: Cinema Cancels Screening of AI-Written Film

Cancel culture on the rise or institutions standing up for creatives? That’s the question that came to my mind as I read through the main story for today’s news about an AI-written film. We know many creatives feel an angst bordering on the existential about the use of AI. And nothing is as certain to raise hackles as moves that seem to endorse the artistic merit of entirely AI-generated works, especially when the AI is not really the point but just an everyday tool for production.
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Canadian Reading Habits

Canadian Reading Habits, Meta’s AI Controversy, and Ethically Sourced AI Training: The Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

On this episode of the Self-Publishing News Podcast, Dan Holloway explores a study on Canadian reading habits, revealing a shift toward readers obtaining more printed books for free. Libraries are a major source, while "free internet sites" dominate for audiobooks. Dan also covers Meta's controversial AI training policy, which faces regulatory pushback in the UK and EU. Additionally, there's news on efforts to create an ethically sourced AI training dataset.
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Free Books

Self-Publishing News: Canadians Reading More Free Books Than Paid Across All Formats

More Canadians are now reading free books than paid ones across all formats. Remember what feels like many moons ago in a (just) pre-pandemic world when publishers started to get vociferous about libraries cannibalizing their sales and used it as a pretext to ramp up what they charged libraries for e-books? Today’s story feels like something that might have been leapt on as “evidence” during those fractious times. 
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Authors A.I.

Alessandra Torre Unveils Machine-Powered Manuscript Analysis at Authors A.I.: The Creating Better Books Podcast with Howard Lovy

In the latest episode of the Creating Better Books podcast, ALLi News and Podcast Producer Howard Lovy interviews Alessandra Torre, cofounder and president of Authors A.I. They discuss how the company utilizes nongenerative AI to provide detailed analytical feedback on manuscripts, aiding authors in enhancing their writing without replacing the creative human element.
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