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ACX, Joanna Penn, Frankfurt Book Fair And The Barbican – ALLi Events, Pt1

ACX, Joanna Penn, Frankfurt Book Fair and The Barbican – ALLi Events, pt1

2501305405_43769da12a_zAs alluded to last week, ALLi is definitely back to school, with all manner of routines emerging from a holiday pause. Not least is our regular series of events, which has got some special additions this Autumn. From film rights to our monthly self-publishing Q&A’s, from Frankfurt to London and all over the world on the ALLi YouTube Channel, we’re booked up with enough events to warrant not one but two announcements. So, diaries at the ready for September and October, and part one (!) of ALLi’s Autumn schedule…

The Headliner: A members meet with ACX, ALLi and Joanna Penn

We’re delighted to invite members who happen to be London way to a special meet and greet with Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) in London this October 1st. ACX is a platform from Amazon that allows your stories to turn into audiobooks, allowing you direct control over your audio rights and professional quality audiobooks. With distribution via Audible, Amazon and ITunes, you also have access to some of the biggest retailers around to maximise your sales.

An evening with ACX will also feature drinks (kindly sponsored by Audible), a chance to meet some key ALLi team members and Amazon execs, and listen to Audible’s President, Jason Ojalvo interview the always wonderful Joanna Penn. You can find more information on that here.

Orna Ross at…

ALLi’s Orna will also be busy out and about over the next few months, with talks happening at The Barbican Battle of Ideas Festival and next week’s Tech Tuesday talk, sponsored by Blurb. We’ll also be over in Frankfurt (as mentioned previously) with a special talk about publishing and sales and talking about some of our member’s success stories.

ALLi events wherever you are

Lots happening offline, but no matter where you are, there’s still an ALLi event for you. We’ll be hosting an online seminar on film rights in October, and there are September and October editions of our monthly Q&A’s with Orna and Joanna Penn fielding self-publishing queries and tips with our members.

Stay tuned – part two will be appearing in a few weeks.

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