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ALLi at Frankfurt: Is it all about sales?


Orna Ross joins Porter Anderson to discuss the balance between commercial and creative in publishing

From 11.30am EST until 1pm EST

At Frankfurt Book Fair, Hall 4

Today, our younger talent in the publishing-house workforce arrives for work much as has happened for decades: with literature, a love of books, a desire to work with authors and readers, as their key motivation. But in an age of corporate ownership and powerful revenue-related impact on the business, these newer staff leaders can find their inspiration running right into the commercial realities of a richly competitive marketplace. Even authors are taught to think of themselves as entrepreneurs, and one of the most common complaints you hear is that marketing departments are choosing the books.

Orna Ross joins Porter Anderson in a special talk aimed at junior publishing professionals. She'll be arguing for the proper balance between creative and commercial concerns as key to success for any publisher, trade, author or indie, and suggest how publishing needs to transform, if it is to benefit from the skills and talents of its most fundamental creative resource: authors.

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