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Self-Publishing Business And Planning Advice Best Blogs 2023

Self-Publishing Business and Planning Advice: Best Blogs 2023

Yet again, this year has flown by! This month we will be looking back at the top posts on the Alliance of Independent Authors blog. So, don't worry if you've missed some of our weekly advice, guidance and case studies, we'll be rounding them all up this month. And this week, we're kicking off with a selection of the best self-publishing business and planning advice covered in the blog from 2023. 
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Rapid Release

Writing Books for Rapid Release, With Carissa Andrews — Self-Publishing Conference Highlight

In this Self-Publishing Conference Highlight, Carissa Andrews discusses writing books for rapid release. Having a sustainable author career that’s both fulfilling and profitable means setting yourself up for success from the start. All too often, however, our mindset hinders us from writing the first book, let alone prepare us for our long-term author goals. We’re about to change all of that! Andrews will show you how deliberately mapping out four books a year can transform your author career, your income, and your life!
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