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Releasing A Second Edition

How to Plan and Release a Second Edition of Your Self-Published Book

In this post from the Alliance of Independent Authors, we are joined by guest blogger Karen Williams, bestselling book mentor, author of 10 books and a TEDx speaker. Karen shares her advice and experience on releasing a second edition of a self-published book; answering key questions and recommending what you should consider. This post focuses on non-fiction books.
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Marketing Strategy

Top Tips for Your Nonfiction Indie Author Marketing Strategy: Reaching More Readers Podcast with Dale L. Roberts and Holly Greenland

In the Reaching More Readers podcast, Dale L. Roberts and Holly Greenland dive into the key elements of a successful marketing strategy for nonfiction indie authors. They emphasize the importance of "findability," ensuring your books reach the right readers at the right time, and highlight the role of strategic thinking in making the most of your marketing efforts. From author websites and book covers to social media and physical marketing materials, Dale and Holly offer concise, top tips to enhance your book's visibility and deepen your connection with your audience.
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