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The Indie Author Rights Program

The Indie Author Publishing Rights Program is an Alliance of Independent Authors program that educates and encourages authors to selectively license publishing rights to trade publishers at home and overseas, TV and film producers and other rights buyers.
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Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Recording Your Audiobook

Indies are empowered business people. Our income streams are limited only by our imagination, which is probably one of the reasons indie author audiobook narration is becoming so popular. Gordon Rothman, partner member, teaches us seven rookie mistakes to avoid when recording our audiobooks.
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How Writing Helps Us Heal

How Self-Publishing Helps Us Heal

Writing helps many of us to heal. It's a catharsis, a way of channeling out the pain we're feeling. That's never truer than for Kim Mcleod who loss a child, one of the most devasting tragedies a person can go through. Kim's here to talk about how writing helps healing.
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