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The Ultimate Guide to Finishing a Series

Authors, publishers and readers love series – authors because it’s easier to write each new book in the same world as the first one, publishers because it’s much easier and more profitable to market and sell a sequel to a successful book than a standalone, and readers because if they discover a series they like, they will read them all. Each new book feels like a homecoming. But as an indie author, how do you know when to call a halt to a successful series and move on? Debbie Young, who has just completed her seven-book Sophie Sayers Village Mystery series, gleans top tips on finishing a series from ALLi author members.
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Writing Good Prose

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Good Prose

There are no rules in prose, you can get away with virtually anything, even not using a full stop but there are tactics that sharpen your descriptions and improve your sentence-level craft and things to avoid when writing prose.
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