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Lean Publishing

Lean Publishing for Beginner Authors, With Orna Ross and Dan Parsons: Foundational Self-Publishing Podcast

In this episode: lean publishing for beginner authors. If you’re an author who writes for pleasure, you can write for yourself but if you’re an indie author, you're also a publisher, and so your book(s) must also please readers. Lean publishing is one way of achieving that, using social media or other methods to publish a book-in-progress and, based on reader feedback and digital metrics, improve its chances of success as you write.
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Writing Craft

An Overview of the Writing Craft, With Orna Ross and Dan Parsons: Foundational Self-Publishing Podcast

Mastering the writing craft is a foundational skill for indie authors and, if you want to earn your living as an author and publisher of books, you have to master not just quality but productivity. In this Foundational Self-Publishing Advice Podcast, Orna Ross and Dan Parsons set up the basics that ensure your production process supports your writing craft.
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2021 Foundational Self-Publishing Podcast

2021 So Far: Foundational Self-Publishing Podcast, with Orna Ross, Sacha Black, and Dan Parsons

We're taking a podcast break during the month of August, so instead we'll bring you what we've covered in so far on our 2021 Foundational Self-Publishing Podcast with Orna Ross, Sacha Black, and Dan Parsons. Below are some of the highlights, with links to the full podcasts, videos, and transcripts. We'll return in September with new episodes.
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Comparable Authors

How to Improve Your Publishing Business With Comparable Authors, With Orna Ross and Dan Parsons: Foundational Self-Publishing Podcast

In today’s episode, Orna Ross and Dan Parsons discuss the importance of comparable authors and how understanding them can help you reach more readers and sell more books. When many authors write their first book, they don’t consider where it will be shelved or categorized by retailers. Nor do they consider the financial consequences of its tone and packaging. As business-minded creatives, however, we need to consider how our books compare to others in our genre, niche, and microniche.
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Bare Bones Publishing Advice

Bare Bones Publishing for Beginner Indie Authors, With Sacha Black and Orna Ross: Foundational Self-Publishing Podcast

Orna Ross and Sacha Black outline the bare bone basics of book production and promotion. Yes, in an ideal world you hire a professional editor, cover designer, and marketing assistant. In reality, when starting out, most indie authors find both time and money are in short supply. So what’s essential, and what can you skip for now?
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