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Indie Authors Need to Talk About… Copyright

The indie author's ability to make a living from writing books rests on the concept and laws of copyright. And indie authors can get very heated when they feel that right is being violated, whether by another person, or a machine. Is copyright broken in the digital age? Should we ditch it and start again. Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors AskALLi team begins with a new first series article. Orna Ross and Dan Holloway give us their opinions and tell us why indie authors need to talk about... copyright. 
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Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Maria Riegger

Inspirational Indie Author Interview. Maria Riegger: Lawyer Turns Childhood Trauma into Parenting Books, Helps Indie Authors Navigate Legal Landscape

My ALLi author guest this episode is Maria Riegger, who has many moving parts to her career, some of which might even seem at odds with one another. For example, she's a lawyer who is also very much into astrology. She also used her own childhood trauma to launch a series of parenting books so other children would not suffer the way she did. And she uses her legal expertise to help other indie publishers navigate issues like copyright law.
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Book Piracy: What Indie Authors Should Do When a Print Book Gets Pirated

You finally hit publish and have your masterpiece in both physical and digital hands. And then someone pirates your book. Book piracy feels horrible and scary and hopeless. So what can you do about it and what is the impact? Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors welcomes and thanks member Rob Biesenbach for today's article all about what to do when your book gets pirated.
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The Ultimate Guide to Copyright for Authors

Copyright is an author's key to income, career and a sustainable lifestyle. But it's surrounded by complex laws, detailed information that can be confusing and overwhelming. Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors brings you a the ultimate guide to copyright. Everything you need to know to understand and maximize your copyright.
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Contracts for Indie Authors: A Glossary

Writers are good with words, but when it comes to contracts, they're big, long documents with loads of legal jargon. Not words we would use in flowing prose or fantasy descriptions. And yet, contracts are often a part of our working life as we license rights, sign deals, become hybrid etc. Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors, welcomes Kathryn Goldman who has kindly created a contracts for creatives glossary.
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How Indie Authors Prove Publishing Rights

Proof of rights ownership is actually very straightforward for indie authors. If you have self-published, and no third party is involved, you are indisputably the rights holder. Here the Alliance of Independent Authors AskALLi team advises on how indie authors prove publishing rights.
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Is Copyright Broken? Part 2 – The Indie Author’s Guide to Managing Plagiarism

Is copyright broken? That's the question the Alliance of Independent Authors AskALLi team is continuing to ask today. We don't think it's broken, but it doesn't always work. In a two part series starting ending today—which started last week—we explore both piracy and plagiarism and the impact they're having on members as well as what you can do about them. With deep thanks to all of our members who contributed with insightful comments and a special thanks to John Doppler, our resident watchdog for his knowledge and contributions to the posts. This is the ultimate guide to plagiarism.
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