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Self-publishing News: Around the World

Last Friday was one of those interesting times when my day job and my “real interests” coincided. It doesn’t happen, it has to be said, all that rarely – after all by day I am an administrator at Oxford University’s Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics. But I wanted to share this particular event because […]

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Dan Holloway head and shoulders

Self-publishing News: Blasting Through!

I┬áhave been catching up with the latest news on the fly having had a couple of days out researching the latest edition of “shoehorning my life into an ill-fitting metaphor for the indie author’s world.” I only had two nights away (hey, I’m a poet, holidays are what happen to other people) but they were […]

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Dan Holloway head and shoulders

This Week’s Self-publishing News

No, you’ve not got double vision. You did see me yesterday. And now you’re seeing me again. I will try to not appear myself tomorrow, don’t worry! Copyright So, this is the reason you’ve seen me twice. Yesterday’s post (here) was devoted to the current consultation on proposed changes to Australian intellectual property law. There […]

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