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Five Reasons Authors Need an Email List: Reaching More Readers Podcast with Dale L. Roberts and Holly Greenland

In the Reaching More Readers podcast, Dale L. Roberts and Holly Greenland discuss five compelling reasons why authors should maintain an email list. They address the common perception that email marketing is crucial for an author's business despite some authors' reluctance to embrace it. The hesitations often stem from concerns about time and effort, technical challenges, fear of spamming, and a lack of understanding or concern over costs. However, Dale and Holly argue that email marketing does not demand excessive time, expertise, or financial investment. With a plethora of online tutorials and free email marketing services available, the primary barrier for many is simply inexperience—a starting point for everyone.
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Bake Marketing

Bake Marketing Into Your Writing Process: Publishing for Profit with Orna Ross and Anna Featherstone

Today on the Publishing for Profit Podcast, ALLi Director Orna Ross and author Anna Featherstone discuss how to bake marketing in with your writing process. This proactive approach is about more than just organic development; it's a strategic method of laying the groundwork early on. By integrating marketing elements into your manuscript from the start, you create a seamless transition from pen to promotion.
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