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Lantern Audio

Inside the Audiobook Boom: Kevin Stillwell of Lantern Audio Talks Production on the Creating Better Books Podcast with Howard Lovy

In the latest episode of the Creating Better Books podcast, ALLi News and Podcast Producer Howard Lovy interviews Kevin Stillwell, indie publishing producer for Lantern Audio. They explore the evolving landscape of audiobook creation, examining the options indie authors have, the costs involved, and how technology is reshaping the industry. Kevin shares expert insights on the essential decisions authors must navigate in audiobook production.
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Audiobook Award Tips

Top Tips for Entering Audiobook Awards for Indie Authors: Award Update February 2024

Audiobooks have become a convenient reading choice for many people living fast-paced lives, fitting seamlessly into busy daily routines. This shift in readers' habits is reflected in the expansion of audiobook categories in book awards, which serve to acknowledge the unique qualities and contributions of this burgeoning medium. Today I take a closer look at audiobook awards. 
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Self-Publishing News: Audiobooks Continue to Increase Market Share

Audiobooks have been growing in popularity for a decade, without much sign of that growth slowing. And, even if Generation Z loves paper books, they are also used to audio-first as the way to get information. But, while the market for audiobooks has been growing, their share of the overall book market has remained low in absolute terms - an inevitable consequence of starting from a very low base.
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Self-Publishing News 18th November

Self-Publishing News: Futurebook Conference 2023 – Audio and AI to Dominate

As Audio and AI dominate the Futurebook Conference 2023 Programme, What Kind of Future is Being Imagined? In just over a week, it will be time for the annual Futurebook conference - what has become one of the most important dates in the calendar for understanding the nature of our industry’s concerns, the climate in which we operate, and the overall appetite for innovation across our landscape.
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Spotify Audiobooks

Spotify Gets Ready To Go Big On Audiobooks; IBPA Sets New Guidelines for Hybrid Publishers: Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway and Howard Lovy

Today on Self-Publishing News: Spotify gets ready to go big on audiobooks, and they're working with writers to "innovate and create something that is different.” Also, IBPA has set new guidelines for hybrid publishers, and artificial intelligence is now creating cover art—making many artists nervous.
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