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Top Tips For Entering Audiobook Awards For Indie Authors: Award Update February 2024

Top Tips for Entering Audiobook Awards for Indie Authors: Award Update February 2024

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Hannah Jacobson

Audiobooks have become a convenient reading choice for many people living fast-paced lives, fitting seamlessly into busy daily routines. This shift in readers' habits is reflected in the expansion of audiobook categories in book awards, which serve to acknowledge the unique qualities and contributions of this burgeoning medium. Today I take a closer look at audiobook awards. 

What does this news mean for indie authors?

Simply, increased opportunities. With more people discovering audiobooks all the time, having your book available (and formally recognized) in this special format attracts new readers.

Given the unique format, you also unlock additional layers of marketability and professionalism for your author brand. For example, you can create teaser clips from your award-winning audiobook and entice new readers with those clips on your website and social media.

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Qualities of award-winning audiobooks

An award-winning audiobook must captivate and engage its audience. Judges look for professionally-produced audiobooks that elicit emotional responses, maintain listener interest, and create a memorable experience.

Indie authors face some challenges in the competitive world of audiobook awards. You may not have the time to expand your work into audiobook format, the budget to create a professional level of production, or a team to make it all happen. Fortunately, the ALLi Partner Members directory can help guide you to trusted services and resources to help you build a high-quality audiobook on a budget.

As you produce your audiobook, keep these award-winning qualities in mind to help your story stand out and garner recognition:

  • Professional production quality: Invest in high-quality production. Ensure your audiobook has professional-level audio production, clear narration, and optimal sound quality. The technical aspects of your audiobook play a crucial role in how it is received by both readers and award judges.
  • A narrator whose style complements your story: Choose a narrator whose voice complements the tone and genre of your book. A skilled narrator can enhance the overall experience and make your audiobook more memorable. Consider holding auditions or seeking recommendations to find the perfect match for your story. Some authors choose to narrate their own audiobooks. If you choose that path, there are audiobook award programs that have special categories honoring your personalized narration.
  • Collaboration among your audiobook team: Foster a collaborative relationship with your narrator and audio production team. Effective communication and collaboration can lead to a more cohesive and engaging audiobook. Provide guidance on character nuances, pronunciation, and any specific stylistic elements unique to your work. If you want to take it a step further, you can craft your story with the auditory experience in mind. Consider how elements like dialogue, pacing, and tone translate to the spoken word. Audiobooks offer a distinct opportunity for creative storytelling, so leverage this medium to its fullest potential.
  • Enter unique award categories that celebrate your work: Research award programs and submit your audiobook to categories that highlight specific features of your work. For example, in addition to recognizing excellence in genre, there are awards that specifically celebrate aspects like narration, production quality, or unique storytelling. Ensure that your submission aligns with the special criteria of the award.
  • Understand audiobook submission guidelines: The concept of audiobook awards is relatively new to the literary world, and award programs are testing out a variety of formats. Every program will be varied in its requirements. Familiarize yourself with the submission guidelines for each award program. Ensure that you adhere to all requirements and provide any necessary materials (for example, an Audible link or specific file types). A well-prepared submission increases your chances of standing out among the competition and creates an enjoyable experience for the judging panel.

Winning audiobook awards as an indie author

Once considered a niche format, audiobooks are becoming more widely acknowledged (and awarded) for their unique contribution to storytelling. Audiobooks are not just an alternative to traditional reading; they are a testament to the dynamic ways stories can be told and consumed.

Accolades serve to celebrate the richness, diversity, and innovation that this medium brings to the world of literature. As book awards continue to evolve, audiobooks will continue to be recognized and celebrated by judging panels and readers alike.

Book publishing has expanded beyond the written word, and in the spotlight of award recognition, audiobooks find their well-deserved place in the literary canon.

Book Award Pro LogoAbout Hannah Jacobson, ALLi Awards & Story Marketing Advisor

Hannah Jacobson is the founder of Book Award Pro: the company that leads the industry in helping authors find the perfect reviews and awards for their books. Book Award Pro is the industry expert on accolades, operating the world's largest database of legitimate reviews and awards. Every year, authors spanning six continents win thousands of new awards, receive valuable reviews, and market their books in one easy-to-use platform.

Book Award Pro has been a trusted ALLi Partner Member since 2020. Hannah is the ALLi advisor for awards and story marketing, and contributes to ALLi resources including the Book Award & Contest Ratings page, Book Prizes & Awards for Indie Authors guidebook, and the Ultimate Guide to Winning Book Awards.

Begin your award-winning journey for free or connect with Hannah and Book Award Pro on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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