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Self-Publishing Advice Podcasts 2021 Round Up Part 2

Self-Publishing Advice Podcasts 2021 Round Up Part 2

Throughout December, we've been rounding up the best posts, podcasts and ultimate guides from 2021. Today is no different. In this post, we bring you a selection of the best advanced and self-publishing news podcasts from 2021. And, of course, you can count on us to come back with more self-publishing advice podcasts in 2022.

AskALLi Podcast 2021: Advanced Self-Publishing Podcast With Orna Ross and Joanna Penn

Top tips, tools and trends for running a successful author business, plus analysis of the latest self-publishing news. This salon is for those who know how to self-publish and want to expand their income and influence.

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The Advanced Self-Publishing salon is brought to you by Specialist Sponsor IngramSpark. IngramSpark is the award-winning indie publishing platform that offers authors like you a way to publish your book and share it with over 39,000 bookstores and libraries worldwide.


New Opportunities and Technologies for Authors

So far, 2021 has seen an acceleration in emerging technologies for authors, including NFTs on blockchain and voice technologies for audio. In this month’s #AskALLi Advanced Self-Publishing Salon, Orna Ross and Joanna Penn explain what these technologies mean for authors and the publishing industry and dispel some of the misinformation, fear, and doubt in the community.

Focus On Your Strengths As An Indie Author To Beat ‘Comparison-itis'

In this episode: Focus on your strengths. “Comparison-itis” is really just comparing yourself to other people in an unfavorable way. It is, of course, permissible, even desirable, to compare yourself to other people and to have role models. But “comparison-itis” is where you look around and think other people have it easier or are doing better, getting more accolades, or selling more, or writing better. You’re comparing yourself to others in such a way that it’s either stopping you completely in your tracks, or it’s making you not feel good about what you do and how you’re doing it. Unfortunately, it’s pretty widespread in the indie community. In this #AskALLi Advanced Podcast, Orna Ross and Joanna Penn talk about how to relax and be yourself as a writer.

The Indie Author Business Cycle: From Start-Up to Mature Business

In this episode: the indie author business cycle. All businesses go through a life cycle and in this #AskALLi Advanced Podcast Orna Ross and Joanna Penn consider the three stages of the author-publisher business cycle. Highlighting the main goals, challenges and opportunities of each stage, they offer their top tips for taking your publishing business from startup through growth to maturity.

AskALLi Podcast 2021: Self-Publishing News with Dan Holloway and Howard Lovy

Tune in to our monthly Self-Publishing News podcast with ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway and book editor Howard Lovy. Together, they will bring you the latest in indie publishing news and commentary.

A Report from the Futurebook Conference; Spotify Buys Findaway in Audiobook Game-Changer

Dan Holloway reports from the Futurebook conference, and the future belongs to audio. Also, Spotify buys Findaway in a potential audiobook game-changer.

Inkitt Inks $39M Deal to Bring Books to Big Screen; ALLi Member Wins Kindle Storyteller Award

With the rise in streaming services, many authors have visions of their stories tapping in to the books-to-big-screen pipeline. So far, Wattpad has come through on this promise to take stories from young writers and sell them to services such as Netflix. Now, there’s another company, called Inkitt, and they just got a new round of investment to make that happen. Also, Amazon opens up new 4-Star brick-and-mortar stores and an ALLi author wins the Kindle Storyteller Award.

Paper Shortage, AI Audiobook Narration, and Brief OnlyFans Ban: What Do They All Mean for Indie Authors?

There is a worldwide paper shortage just in time for the holiday book-buying season. How are indies coping? Also, artificial intelligence has come to audiobook narration, and what the brief OnlyFans adult-content ban means for indie authors. These are among the topics discussed on Self-Publishing News with Alli News Editor Dan Holloway and News and Podcast Producer Howard Lovy.

Author: Howard Lovy

Howard Lovy is a novelist, nonfiction author, developmental book editor, and journalist. He is also the news and podcast producer for the Alliance of Independent Authors. You can learn more about him at https://howardlovy.com/


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