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Marketing And Promoting Self-Published Books: Best Blogs 2023

Marketing and Promoting Self-Published Books: Best Blogs 2023

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As the year draws to a close we continue our month of reflection throughout December, and this week we are looking back at the top indie author marketing and promoting self-published books posts on the Alliance of Independent Authors blog. From paid advertising to non-fiction marketing techniques, these are the blogs from 2023 you don't want to miss if you are looking to boost your marketing activity in the coming year…

What can we learn from romance book marketing

Romance authors are known for being at the cutting edge of marketing and promotion tactics. So, in this post, the AskALLi team spoke to our romance author members to ask what marketing activities are working for them in 2023. Whatever your genre, take a look at this post to find out more: what you can learn from successful romance book marketing.

A Guide to Paid Book Advertising for Independent Authors

As an indie author, you've poured your heart and soul into your book and spent countless hours writing, revising, and editing. Now, it's time to share your work with the world. But how do you get your book in front of readers? One effective way is through paid book advertising, and this post explores the hows and whys to get you started: A Guide to Paid Book Advertising.

Book Marketing for Indie Authors: Calls to Action

In an age where readers have more choices than ever, authors need to do more than just write a great book. They must also know how to effectively harness and engage their audience. One powerful tool to do this is the Call to Action, or “CTA”. An author’s CTA could encourage readers to leave a review, share the content on social media, or buy the next book in a series, but how do we craft engaging CTAs? Find out in this post: Author Calls to Action

Non-Fiction Marketing Strategy for Indie Authors: Six Steps to Success

In this post we took a closer look at how to design a marketing strategy specifically for non-fiction books, including sharing six key steps; from understanding your readers, to establishing your profile in the sector, and automating your marketing activity to free up your time for more all-important writing. Find all you need to know here: Non-Fiction Marketing For Indie Authors. 

Book Metadata, Keywords and Amazon Category Changes: Help Readers Find Your Book

Getting your metadata right and placing it across all the information leading to your book gives it the best chance of being found by the right readers. This post shares an overview of the Amazon category changes that impact all indie authors selling through the Amazon platform, then runs through a reminder of the metadata you need to prepare and keep on top of, including your keywords and that all important book description: Help Readers Find Your Book. 

Text reads 'Eight Top Techniques for Selling Poetry'Eight Top Techniques for Selling Poetry

Focusing on support for our many poetry members, this post explores how you can ensure your poetry is getting the attention it deserves. You can take your pick from eight top techniques to build your plan: from submitting to literary magazines and competitions, to posting on social media, and participating in podcasts. Each technique will raise your profile, speak to your potential readers, and ultimately increase your poetry sales.

The Seven Processes of Publishing: Marketing

As part of our ‘Seven Processes of Publishing’ series, this post explores all things marketing. This critical step in the publishing process centers on what the book publishing business calls “discoverability” or “findability”—ensuring that you and your books can be found by the right readers. It embraces your author platform, your covers, your descriptions, your review requests, your email lists, your reader funnels, and physical assets. Find out how to get it right with this post: Seven Process of Publishing: Marketing.

The Seven Processes of Publishing: Book Promotion

Promotion goes a step further than marketing, into actively pushing the book to the right readers. It has a start and an end date and a definite goal. Promotions vary based on the objective. They might include book launches, virtual or real-life book tours, advertising and other purchased promotions, and book-specific activities. Read this post for more on: how to successfully promote your books.

Reach more readers alli marketing guide book coverFind out more…

Coming soon to the ALLi book collection, ‘Reach more Readers‘ is based around the three most effective kinds of book marketing and promotion today. This in-depth self-publishing guidebook is a must-have for every indie author.

This book is available for pre-order in multiple formats in our bookstore. Members will enjoy free access to the ebook once it has gone live.

You can also catch up with the monthly podcast “Reaching More Readers” with Dale L Roberts and Holly Greenland, the third Wednesday of every month.

All our ALLi podcasts are archived for you to listen to whenever suits you: ALLi Podcasts.


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