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Creative Self-Publishing: ALLi’s Guide to Independent Publishing for Authors and Poets

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It has never been easier to publish a book, but publishing a book is never easy.

Creative Self-Publishing is a comprehensive guide to every step in the publishing process, written by the director of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), and drawing on the experience of thousands of ALLi members.

The book's focus is how to apply your creativity to publishing, as much as to writing. It takes an individual approach, beginning with you—your passion, mission and sense of purpose as a publisher and creative business owner—then guiding you through the seven processes of publishing, in ways that empower you to reach more readers and sell more books.

In an engaging, easy-to-read format, you’ll learn:

  • Which creative practices and business models the most successful authors are using today
  • Where you fit in the history of authorship and self-publishing
  • How to overcome publishing resistance and block by fostering creative flow.
  • Where to find your ideal readers and how to ensure they find your books
  • A proven planning method that marries your passion, mission and purpose as writer and publisher

Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or poetry books, the principles and practices outlined in this book will work for you. You’ll make better books, find more readers, turn them into keener fans, and grow your income, impact and influence as a self-directed and empowered indie author–the creative way.

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