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Why Self-Publishers Should Join The Alliance Of Independent Authors

Why Self-Publishers Should Join the Alliance of Independent Authors

The Alliance of Independent Authors is a long standing organisation for “indie” independent authors. Its mission is to uphold ethics and foster excellence in self-publishing. ALLi has a global team who, together with ambassadors and advisors worldwide, provide trusted, best-practice information and advice to the author community, alongside an extensive suite of benefits. This post explains the services offered and why you should join the Alliance of Independent Authors.

ALLi is pronounced “ally” (al-eye), and an ally is what we aim to be to self-publishers everywhere. Our name is spelt with a big ALL and small i because our members are like the three musketeers in Dumas’s eponymous novel: ALL working for each individual “i”, and each for ALL.

ALLi offers members a range of benefits but our real strength is our membership, our team and our advisors.

ALLi Author Memberships

If you're not a member, and would like to join The Alliance of Independent Authors, you can do so here. Just choose the appropriate level of membership and sign up.

The Alliance of Independent Authors, has three membership options for authors:

  • Associate Member If you are preparing your first book for self-publication. You could also be a student of creative writing, multimedia, or publishing with an interest in author-publishing.
  • Author Member If you’ve published one book or more, or are just about to upload your first book, this is the membership for you. This could be a full-length (50,000+ words) book for adults, a number/series of shorter books, or a children’s or poetry book.”
  • Authorpreneur Member  is for Authorpreneurs who earn their living from self-publishing and associated business. This membership is assessed – you will need to show evidence of 50,000 book sales in the past two years and/or KU or business equivalent.

ALLi Partner Membership

ALLi also runs a Partner Membership for writing and publishing services. You are eligible for Partner membership if you run a self-publishing service and are willing to adhere to ALLi’s code of standards and the partner member approval process run by ALLi's Watchdog Desk.

Most recently, ALLi has introduced Organizational Memberships. An Organization Partner of ALLi is a national, local, genre or special interest author organization that aligns with ALLi’s advocacy for ethics and excellence in self-publishing.

ALLi's Work

Our work is fourfold:

• ALLi advises, providing best-practice information and education through our online Self-Publishing Advice Center, SelfPublishingAdvice.org, offering a daily blog, weekly live video and podcast, a bookstore of self-publishing guidebooks, and a quarterly member magazine.

• ALLi monitors the self-publishing sector through a watchdog desk, alerting authors to bad actors and predatory players and running an approved partner program.

• ALLi campaigns for the advancement of indie authors in the publishing and literary sectors globally (bookstores, libraries, literary events, prizes, grants, awards, and other author organizations), encouraging the provision of publishing and business skills for authors, speaking out against iniquities, and furthering the indie author cause wherever possible.

• ALLi empowers independent authors through a wide variety of member tools and resources including author forums, contract advice, sample agreements, networking, literary agency representation, and a member care desk.

Three Reasons Why Authors Should Join The Alliance of Independent Authors

Community: Writing can be a lonely career path. Unless you co-write, and even then, the actual act of writing is solitary. No one else can be inside your head or write your words for you. But this doesn't mean that authors can't help each other.

And never more than when it comes to publishing. Author-publishers are not like other authors. We need to become skilled in publishing as well as writing. When we're starting out, in particular, but all though the publishing journey, there are countless questions that can be easily answered by those who've already been there and done that.

If you've ever wanted to find friends, colleagues, and like-minded writers, authors and publishing entrepreneurs, ALLi is home to thousands of such creatives across the globe. Its member forum is a thriving community, always on hand to offer information, encouragement and support.

Education: ALLi also has an advisory board, all experts in aspects of publishing and self-publishing today, and a team of indie authors that help the organization to provide a wealth of free resources to the author community. From its weekly podcasts, to its short guides and guide books through to the award-winning blog you're reading right now (most recently named one of the top Ten publishing websites in the world by Writer’s Digest. ALLi prides itself on delivering high quality, content rich blog posts and Ultimate Guides to the seven processes of publishing.

Support: ALLi provides multiple levels of support.  Q&A desk,  WatchDog desk, through to the member forum and rights licensing desk. As a member, if you have a problem, we're here to help.

NonProfit Organization

ALLi invests all profits back into the organization for the benefit of our members—and the wider author community.

Headquartered in London, we operate all over the world and at every level, bringing our mission of ethics and excellence in self-publishing to beginner, emerging and experienced authors. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re already widely published, ALLi can empower you to make better books, reach more readers, and generate greater profits.

When you join ALLi, you’re not just joining an organization, you’re becoming part of a transformative, self-organising, global, author movement.  Whether you’re self-publishing your first novel or your fiftieth, ALLi is with you every step of the way, with a suite of member benefits that includes free guidebooks, discounts and deals, member forums, contract consultancy, advisory board, literary agency, watchdog and more.

Your membership also supports our advocacy work for indie authors globally, from Western Alaska to Eastern New Zealand and everywhere in between (the long way round), as well as offering access to ALLi’s supportive, dynamic community and wide range of advice, services, and discounts.

If you haven’t yet, is it time you joined us?



What Do The Members Say?

Jeanne Felfe says

“I’ve been an Alliance member for several years now and find it’s the most reliable source when I have questions about anything related to my Indie publishing business. The website is loaded with information, they host an online conference, and the FB group is super valuable. I highly recommend joining if you’re diving into this world.”

Lesley Jones says

“I am a partner member of ALLi and have been for several years. I am passionate about authors’ rights to write and be published, and being a partner member means I can support author members on their journey. I love the help and support given to writers by the alliance as a whole, and the energy with which Orna and her team coordinate that is second to none. I have worked with several author members and hope to work with more in future.”

Brenda Felber says

“Deciding to go indie, and then publishing my first book in 2015, was only possible with access to the amazing resources available to self-published authors. The Alliance of Independent Authors has been and will continue to be a go-to resource for me. They analyze and tackle new and evolving issues and concerns in this space…and it’s ever-changing! This is an active, forward-leaning alliance, offering invaluable knowledge for independent authors in a fair and ethical manner.”

Beth Duke says

“ALLi has helped me in myriad ways: discounts on services, vetting publishing industry providers, charting a path to my most recent book’s sales success—but more than anything, it’s a community of friendly, knowledgeable, helpful people who are always willing to answer a question or offer guidance. If you’ve chosen to be an independent author, you need to join ALLi. I recommend it to aspiring writers all the time!”

Wendy H Jones says

“Being an ALLi member has been beneficial for me in numerous different ways. First of all, the networking opportunities and support are second to none. If I have a question or need advice, there is always and ALLi member to step in and help out. They re the friendliest and most supportive group of authors I have come across. The free books which come with membership more than covers the cost of my first year’s membership. I have also used the discounts offered to ALLi members with printing, distribution and marketing companies and this has saved me a fortune. As these companies are vetted, I know that the service they provide will be outstanding.”

Therese Hicks says

“Having just finished a non-fiction book that’s been 15 years in the making, I was feeling really vulnerable when trying to find a suitable editor and post-editing production. When I saw what ALLi was offering, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for – guidance in this area to providers who wouldn’t rip me off. I’ve gotten so much more of course, as all the previous posts have described. I think that knowing there are others writers all around helps me feel less alone in this new adventure. And I was feeling very unmotivated to do any kind of marketing, but now I’m ready to do what I can. All the advice is priceless, and the generosity is inspiring!”

What Does the Team Say?

“After discovering ALLi in 2015, I was amazed at the wealth of resources it provides to authors, which grows more and more each year. Not only did this encourage my own meagre writing endeavours, but it introduced me to Orna and Philip who are so incredibly passionate and dedicated to helping authors succeed that it’s impossible not to be swept up in, and want to be a part of, this wonderful alliance.” Sarah Begley, Member Care and Publishing Assistant

“When I started as an indie author, ALLi’s self-publishing advice was invaluable in helping me make smart decisions. It is now an honor to serve on the team so that I can pay it forward and make a difference by giving other indie authors useful advice and encouraging them to be the best authors they can be.” Michael LaRonn, Member Q&A Podcast Co-Host and Outreach Manager

It is a real honour to have been involved with ALLi since being a panellist at its launch. I love that ALLi is able to support self-publishers of all types, whatever their reason for taking control into their own hands. In a publishing world that struggles time and again to acknowledge and challenge its own homogeneity, ALLi stands for diversity and the fundamental principle that everyone deserves to be heard in their own voice.” Dan Holloway, Self-Publishing News Editor.


ALLi: List of Benefits

Advisory team – all questions answered
Advice guides
Private member’s forum
Discounts for publishing services
Affiliate earnings program
Approved services directory
Daily blog
Weekly podcast
Member profile
Annual online conference, SelfPubCon
Book listing for members
Contract vetting
General legal advice
Blogging opportunities
Speaker opportunities
Interview opportunities
Website badge
Dedicated literary agent
Business, tax, legal, and contract advice and resources
Don't forget, if you're not a member, and would like to join The Alliance of Independent Authors, it's super easy. All you have to do is click here, choose the right membership for you and sign up for a world of support, community, education and benefits.

We hope to see you as part of the ALLi community soon.


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  1. As much as I would love to be a member I am a South African Government pensioner so my money does not go far. With the present exchange rate Alli membership though a good investment is beyond my means until I have sold many books. A typical Catch 22 situation for me and I think many authors in my position. Add to this that I am in ill health and presently unable to walk, having broken my patella, femur and had rectal cancer you may be able to understand what all this means. However I read all your newsletters and have learned much from them. Keep up the good work.

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