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Making The Most Of Your ALLi Partner Membership 

Making the Most of Your ALLi Partner Membership 

As a partner member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (known as ALLi, pronounced like the word “ally”), you have access to a community of thousands of authors, designers, editors, booksellers, and readers around the world — and the networking and business opportunities that come with it. How sure are you that you’re getting the most out of your ALLi partner membership and that you know about all the resources available here? We offer some insight. 

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Why ALLi Is Your Ideal Home for All Things Self-Publishing

ALLi is the only global nonprofit association for self-publishing writers. As a partner member, you’ve been vetted and approved by ALLi’s Watchdog desk as a freelancer or business that meets the standards to serve the authors in the ALLi self-publishing community. That means your responsibility, as a partner member, is to help self-publishing authors — both first-timers and veterans — to successfully create, publish, and sell books they’re proud of.

Our goal is to help members learn about the decision-making processes in each of the seven stages of publishing:

  1. Editorial
  2. Design, including cover and interior
  3. Formatting and other production issues
  4. Distribution
  5. Marketing
  6. Promotion
  7. Licensing and publishing rights

Your partner membership provides you with opportunities to form business partnerships. If you have any creative ideas or plans you would like to share with us to benefit authors, we’d love to hear from you.

Your ALLi Partner Membership Benefits

 So, what exactly are all the benefits of being a partner member with ALLi?

1) Free Books

The team at ALLi has, over the years since ALLi formed in 2012, collaborated to write and publish severalcomplete guides and guidebooks related to all things self-publishing, and we continue to update our catalogue.

Available Now:

  • Creative Self-Publishing
  • Reach more Readers, Sell more Books
  • Choose the Best Self-Publishing Services
  • Your Book in Bookstores
  • 150 Self-Publishing Questions Answered
  • How Authors Sell Publishing Rights
  • Self-Publishing a Children's Book

Member Guides include:

  • Author Safety
  • The Author Estate Handbook
  • How to Self-Publish for Free
  • Opening Doors, our guide to getting into festivals, libraries, bookshops and more

All members have access to our full library of guides and guidebooks, for free, providing you with years of experience and knowledge you can’t get anywhere else. Make sure to explore them all so you have our advice at your fingertips.

2) Author Advice Centre

Whether it’s an issue about your author branding, publishing strategy, or even just plot points for your next book, right here at ALLi’s Self-Publishing Advice Center, as an author member you’ll find full access to our Watchdog Desk and reports, links to #selfpubcon sessions, our weekly podcasts, including our Inspirational Indie Author showcase, our regular blog posts, and more. Filter our topics or enter your search terms and browse a wealth of advice and expertise for every stage of your writing and publishing business.

3) Private Author Member Forum

Don’t forget to join our members-only private forum, where along with all our members you’ll have the space to ask any question at any time about self-publishing, and you can expect an answer in just moments! This is a moderated group and only ask-answer-advice posts are permitted… in other words, no promotion! Members often remark about the civility on our forum: no question is too basic or advanced, we’re friendly, supportive, and supporting. Ask to join here.

Don’t be shy – ask away, and let experienced authors who have “been there, done that” answer all your questions for you.

4) Author Services Database Listing 

As a partner member, you’ll know that the ALLi author services database is the go-to, trusted, and reliable platform for ALLi members (and indie authors at large) searching for services they need. Be sure you’ve completed your profile in ALLi’s author services database.

5) #SelfPubCon Session Sponsorship

As a partner member, you have the opportunity to promote your self-publishing services by sponsoring a session at the annual #SelfPubCon self-publishing online author conference.

6) Partner Directory Listing and/or Advertisement

Your partner member listing in ALLi’s Partner Member Service Directory gets you in front of members who know that the services listed are checked against ALLi’s code of Standards and approved via the ALLi Watchdog team. The Directory is a handy, downloadable PDF guide, widely distributed through our website, self-publishing advice center, blog, newsletters and social media. It is issued annually and updated quarterly.

7) Write for The Blog!

We invite you to choose a topic and focus to share and then pitch a blog for our  selfpublishingadvice.com blog. Only ALLi members can write posts for us, and we welcome all levels of experience and views. You can find our blog guidelines here.

8) Discounts or Deals for Other Members

You can always advertise exclusive or ongoing deals to our community of authors. Special discounts and deals are viewable by our members in the Discounts and Deals section of the site.

9) Get Paid to Be a Member

ALLi’s Affiliate Program rewards members for spreading the word by paying 30 percent of first-year membership fees back when someone else joins using your affiliate link.

It’s our way of saying thank you for taking the time and trouble to recommend us to other authors or aspiring authors. And your author friends will thank you too. Details are on your member dashboard.

Talk to Us: That’s Why We’re Here

And finally, we want to stress that being a member of ALLi gives you an open channel to our self-publishing experts, allowing you to contact us whenever you want. We answer self-publishing questions from members in our monthly Member Q&A.

You can expect to hear from us in the following intervals:

  • Weekly (weekly round-up)
  • You can ask questions on our monthly podcast and our Live! quarterly Q&A podcast session.
  • Quarterly (The Indie Author, our self-publishing quarterly advice magazine)
  • Annually at #SelfPubCon, our online conference full of insights from self-publishing experts

More Than a Membership

ALLi is a global organization with members on every continent. We are building a growing community of like-minded and supportive indie authors, to spread motivation, inspiration, and knowledge to indie authors around the world.

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So, are you making the most of your membership?

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