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Audiblegate Updates Campaign Updates Series: Part Two

Audiblegate Updates Campaign Updates Series: Part Two

If you’re a regular reader of this blog or a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), you’ll be aware that ALLi has been supporting the work of the author pressure group, Fair Deal for Rights Holders and Narrators in the campaign called “Audiblegate”. This post marks the first in what will be a series of update post combining the most important news and information as the campaign progresses.

If you haven’t already, please sign the #Audiblegate petition here and follow the latest at Audiblegate.com to be kept updated as this important campaign develops. Now over to Colleen, to explain the value of intellectual property, particularly in relation to audiobook rights.

Join the #Audiblegate mailing list here to be kept updated as this important campaign develops.

Join the fight or stay up to date with Audiblegate here: WebsitePodcast Link, Facebook GroupTwitter.

This will be the first in a monthly (or so) series of audible gate updates.

Audiblegate Must Read Blog Posts

Should You Sell Your Audiobook Rights?

In this post from Colleen Cross, she looks at whether or not audiobook authors should sell or license their audiobook rights. She dives into the benefits, problems and concerns of licensing and the consequences of doing so.

How Audiobook Authors and Narrators are Paid by Audible-ACX. We think.

In this post, Colleen dives into the figures, the supposed earnings we get from ACX and the major discrepancies between what we're told we get and what we actually get.

The Truth Behind Audible Subscription Earnings

In this post, Colleen Cross examines audible subscriptions, what authors and narrators are supposed to earn and what they actually earn. The discrepancies are both shocking and alarming.

Audiblegate Update Posts

Audiblegate: where we’re at and where we’re going. Campaign Series: Part One

In the first post in the Audiblegate series, Susan May outlines how she discovered the Audiblegate issues and launched the campaign. The pressure group of authors and narrators is amassing evidence and testimony that is providing an understanding of what is happening to transactions and payment accounts at Audible. This post explains all.

#Audiblegate: ALLi Campaign Update

In this post, Orna explains where the campaign has come from, where it's currently at and where it's going next. Orna also explains why this is such an important campaign and why you should care about what's going on, even if you don't have audiobooks yet.

Other Useful Posts

Audiobook Publishing Alternatives to ACX: A Comparison

ACX, Amazon’s audio production platform, and Audible, its retail arm, are dominant players in the audiobook market. Their vertical integration gives Amazon tremendous control over all aspects of the audiobook market. Through them, Amazon dictates non-negotiable terms to authors, narrators, publishers, and customers, unfailingly to its own advantage. Which is why in this post, John Doppler, ALLi's watchdog shows you audiobook publishing alternatives to ensure you have other options for your business.

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing Audiobooks

In this post, Soundwise gives you an overview of what the landscape and industry looks like as well as the strategies you might employ to produce and distribute your audiobooks.


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  1. Consider using this information to help avoid issues and get your book to the readers you want to connect with when you finally publish it and take steps to self-promote without wasting time or energy.

  2. WOW! I just came across this info as I just looked at my ACX sales dashboard and my earnings are a big fat ZERO. I am the author, narrator, and publisher of my new book that was released on 01 Jan 21. I am new to this industry and just published my first book, so I have educated myself on this industry as best as possible and they are all thieves. I am a 100% disabled veteran that decided to write a book about my life in a special operations unit in order to help veterans, first responders and their families deal with the effects of PTS. I donate 100% of my proceeds to non-profits that support our veterans and first responders. Thank you very much for the information.

    CW4 (R) Gregory Coker

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