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Ask ALLi April 2 Q&A With Joanna Penn & Orna Ross Video And Podcast

Ask ALLi April 2 Q&A with Joanna Penn & Orna Ross Video and Podcast

AskALLi event

Ask ALLi April 2nd – Your Self-Publishing Questions answered by Joanna Penn and Orna Ross

Each month Joanna and Orna answer Member’s self-publishing questions. As usual the event kicked off with a round-up of activity from both Orna and Joanna.

The focus for the Alliance of Independent Authors is of course IndieReCon again (It's just around the corner!). This is all set to be an amazing event, and no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to participate.

Orna and Joanna also gave an overview of their creative endeavours. This summary is a way to remind us all that no matter how busy we get on other projects, at the end of the day we’re authors and need to maintain a focus on the creative process.

And now to the Q&A portion:

  • Can you give some suggestions about good book-keeping software for writer-publishers? Or suggestions about how best to use the regular software packages with the spreadsheets retailers offer?
  • What is the best way to use social media when marketing children's books (age 8-12)? As they legally don't have a presence on Facebook etc. is social media a waste of time?
  • I'm planning to publish a series with 17 short stories for 9 to 12 year old readers. Would it be better to produce a book for each 5K word story, or feature two 5k stories per book?
  • How can I grow my newsletter database? Right now combining rafflecopter with Mailchimp is too expensive ($43 a month). Is there a more economical way of doing this?
  • Please direct me, or provide me with sources, to learn of the best moves to make on publishing and marketing a self help book on Mnemonic devices.
  • Just writing a short E-book novella designed to promote and draw attention to a book published 9 months ago. This is the first time I have done this. Not sure whether to launch it and keep it as a free book or sell it at a minimal price initially.

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