Opinion: Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet as an Indie Author

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ALLi Advice Center Manager Debbie Young shares some favourite Opinion posts from 2019



As we approach the year end, ALLi’s Author Advice Center manager Debbie Young picks the Opinion posts from 2018 that she thinks will best help you prepare to make 2019 your most successful year yet as an indie author. 


When I give talks, I’m constantly saying there has never been a better time to be an author – and so it will be in 2019 too! So take time to catch up with the advice in these invaluable opinion posts, reading any you’ve missed during 2018, and revisiting those that particularly chime with your goals for 2019.

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Running Your Author Business

Business Models for Indie Authors: Which One Is Right For You?

Opinion: Why Indie Authors Need to Broaden Their Business

Opinion: Why Running a Creative Business Is Not A Contradiction in Terms

Opinion: Why Creative Assets are Key to Income and Influence for Indie Authors (and What They Are)

Opinion: Indie Authors – Why You Need to Experiment to Get Your Ebook Prices Right

Writing & Publishing

Opinion: Overcoming Perfection Paralysis – When Good Enough is Good Enough

Self-Publishing Ebooks and Pbooks with Amazon KDP: Orna Ross Interviews Darren Hardy About Best Practices

Why I’m Glad About Going Wide – and Going Direct with Kobo

Opinion: Why Indie Authors Should Dare to be Different – by Kyle Waller

Book Marketing

Opinion: Indie Authors – Why the Best Marketer for your Book is YOU

Opinion: First Things First – Why Book Marketing Doesn’t Trump Writing Craft

Reading & Readers

Opinion: What Makes Readers Buy Books?

Opinion: Why Indie Authors Should Also Be Readers

Opinion: Putting Readers First – an Essential Ingredient of Successful Book Marketing

And Finally…

Whatever else you do to prepare for a successful 2019, make sure you take a break and build up your creative, physical, mental and emotional energies!

Opinion: Why Every Indie Author Needs to Take a Break Now and Again

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  1. K.S. Trenten December 15, 2018 at 7:35 am #

    Thank you! Good luck to you in 2019! Happy Holidays!

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