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How To Practise Mindfulness In Your Writing

How to Practise Mindfulness in Your Writing

headshot of mindfulness advocate Lisa Ferland

Indie author Lisa Ferland makes the case for mindfulness in your writing

With so many indie authors feeling constantly under pressure of time, it's tempting for us to rush through our tasks with one eye constantly on the clock. ALLi author Lisa Ferland, who lives in Sweden, makes the case for slowing down and embracing mindfulness in your writing practices.


My Definition of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about slowing down and being present, but you can incorporate mindfulness into aspects of your writing as well as every aspect of your self-publishing business.

There are many ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your writing career in order to create books that are created with intent and thoughtfulness.

What is a Mindful Writer?

As writers, mindfulness is the state we strive for as we write our creative fiction or our thoughtful memoir:

  • We must be present with our characters in order to hear their voices.
  • We must focus and allow them to come alive on the page.

Writers who are mindful of their own emotions, who listen to their surroundings as they explore them, will have an endless source of inspiration for new scenes, characters, and plot twists.

How to Write More Mindfully

To incorporate more mindfulness into your writing:

  • schedule time away from your computer where you immerse yourself in your surroundings
  • leave your writing space and go for a walk or have a meaningful conversation with a friend
  • dedicate time away from writing in order to find new sources of inspiration

Mindfulness in Self-publishing

Self-publishing is an exercise in collaboration.

Journalist and international writing coach, Olga Mecking once stated that the solitary writer is a myth:

“As long as the writer was working for herself, she doesn't need anyone. But as soon she wants to publish her work, it’s surprising how many people are involved with a piece of writing to make it presentable to the public: the friend, the writers' group, the editors, the readers – they are all as part of a story as the writer.”

As self-publishers, we interface with many people: beta readers, editors, graphic designers, printers, warehouse distributors. Each touch point gives us a unique opportunity to practice mindfulness. How can we be sure that our interactions with these collaborators and contributors are thoughtful?

  • Communicate with them with intention and be kind and considerate in our replies.
  • Research each member of the team you assemble and be sure they contribute the type of energy you want to be incorporated in your book.
  • Provide clear descriptions of the vision you have for your book to get the best outcomes from those you hire to work with you.

Children's book authors should be mindful in who they hire to illustrate their books, as the illustrations are visual representations of your words. Finding the perfect person who understands your vision and can bring it to life should be your number one priority.

Take Time to Consider Your Options

Many authors often settle for just “good enough” services due to budgetary restrictions rather than secure a small bank loan in order to hire the best person or company to help produce their books. Take the time to thoughtfully weigh up all of your options before hiring an editor, graphic designer, or illustrator to bring your book to life.

Cover images of Lisa Ferland's books

Lisa Ferland practised the mindfulness she preaches here when writing and self-publishing her two-book series

Mindful Choices

Incorporating mindfulness into all aspects of the self-publishing process reveals that the indie author is never bound to just one avenue for self-publishing. Every decision comes at a price. Some are paid in time, effort, and stress while others are paid from a bank account. Observe your surroundings, feel your senses at work, and incorporate them into your writing and publishing efforts to become a more mindful person.

OVER TO YOU How do you cope with the inevitable pressures of time on the typical indie author? What strategies do you use to help you slow down and take time to give your self-publishing career the consideration it needs and deserves?

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Author: Lisa Ferland

Lisa Ferland is the editor and publisher of the Knocked Up Abroad series featuring heartfelt stories from parents in over 40 countries. She also helps other authors create sustainable approaches to self-publishing. You can find out more about her work at www,lisaferland.com.


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  1. Usually for writers to confront restricting convictions while they are attempting to be imaginative—convictions that shield them from doing their best work. Be that as it may, building up a mindful writing practice can work to inspire and motivate writers to move past these reasons and make amazing writing.

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