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Want To Be Involved In The ALLi Self-Publishing Directory?

Want to be involved in the ALLi Self-Publishing Directory?

We’re in the middle of big changes and projects this August, some of which have been mentioned before. Alongside our website, another major  project we are working on is the ALLi Self-Publishing Directory: a guide to ALLi approved self-publishing services.

Introducing the ALLi Self-Publishing Service Directory

Published twice-yearly, the directory will showcase the best self-publishing service providers in the business, across the full spectrum of publishing, including editorial, design, promotion, production and other author services, from one-person freelancers to large, global companies.

It’s a concise and useful way of helping any author to assemble an ace publishing and support team, no matter what the requirements.

Alongside the listings, we’ll also feature articles on current industry topics, tips to help you maximise your ALLi membership, and special guides to empower you to identify and select the right services for your book and to help you reach readers.

The ALLi Code of Conduct

The cornerstone of the directory is our ALLi code of conduct, which every listed company must comply with in order to qualify for entry. This means we’re only listing services that are of benefit to authors, that act fairly and in their interest and align with our aims of ethics and excellence in self-publishing.

If you are already an ALLI Partner Member, you’ll be automatically listed in the guide, and there will be more information coming to you soon.

Our first edition will launch in Autumn and will come with us to book fairs, along with our authors’ rights guides, showcasing the best self-publishing authors and services wherever we go.

If you are interested in being part of the directory or have any comments, queries or suggestions, do drop us a line (send emails to nerys (at) allianceindependentauthors (dot) org) , and we’ll be happy to talk more with you.

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