The Mind-Set of a Full-Time Author: AskALLi Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon August 2018

Welcome to AskALLi, the self-publishing advice podcast from the Alliance of Independent Authors. This week it’s our monthly beginners’ self-publishing salon with advice, tips, and tools for indie authors just starting out.

Topics discussed this week include:

  • Publishing a series/catalog of books to become successful;
  • The different kinds of backend businesses authors can have behind the book (coaching/ online courses/ affiliate products);
  • Why it’s not a good idea to leave your day job till you become successful;
  • How to calculate the number of books to sell before you break even;
  • How to check how well a book is doing using its Amazon sales rank.

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Listen to the AskALLi Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon

Watch the AskALLi Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon

About the Hosts

Jyotsna Ramachandran is the founder of Happy Self Publishing and author of the international bestseller Job Escape Plan.

Tim Lewis is the author of three time-travel novellas in the Timeshock series and three fantasy novels in the Magpies and Magic series under his full name of Timothy Michael Lewis. He is the host of the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast and is currently working on the book Social Media Networking- a guide to using social media to find your dream job, find love and boost your travel experience.

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