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The Fundamentals Of Facebook & Amazon Ads: David Penny

The Fundamentals of Facebook & Amazon Ads: David Penny


Head and shoulders shot of David Penny looking thoughtful but with a twinkle in his eye

Many authors are fascinated by Facebook and Amazon Ads, but afraid of the cost in time or money. David Penny has experienced some success with both and uses his learnings to help you decide if these are right for you or not.

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David Penny

Author: Indie Author Fringe

The Indie Fringe Author Conference takes place three times a year, in line with London Book Fair in April; Book Expo America in May and Frankfurt Book Fair in October


This Post Has 14 Comments
  1. Hello David,
    Thank you for this extremely helpful insight into advertising on Facebook and Amazon.

    I have a couple of questions:
    1. Are Amazon ads still only run in the USA? My books are very much targeted at the UK audience with regard to dialect and location.
    2. You said that the ads should be yellow and or orange. The image you selected for the FB ad seemed to be a composite with your books on a yellow/orange background. Can you give me a tip about how you produced this image.
    Thanks again
    David Pipe

  2. Thank you for this step-by-step, concise and easy to follow presentation, David. Much appreciated! I did note that it is dated 2017. Is there an updated version to share, or a more current guide to purchase?

  3. That video was excellent…just the sort of page by page screenshot advice novices to self publishing need. But can you explain any error message, please?

    All seemed fine until I clicked confirm and got this:

    We found 1 error. Please fix the error and try again.
    Could not save creative: It could not save creative

    Nothing is highlighted as an error when I scroll back through the pages and I haven’t used the word ‘creative’ in any text I have inputted. Facebook’s support pages only have set topics/generic questions and don’t seem to invite email queries. Any idea what it could be?

    Thanks for any insight

  4. An object lesson in concise and clear advice. Thank you so much David Penny. I also enjoyed the sub text of your presentation – as in Keep Experimenting, and if one approach doesn’t work, try another. You have obviously invested a huge amount of time and effort, and a certain amount of £££, to get where you’ve got today. And that’s what we should do too.

    With gratitude


  5. Hi Maree – thank you so much. I realised I had skimmed over what an Impression was, so to clarify:

    Reach is the number of individual people your Ad was delivered to.

    Impressions is the number of times it was viewed. These sound like they may mean the same thing, but Impressions include repeat delivery to the same person. Again, this might sound like a bad thing to deliver your Ad more than once to someone, but is in fact good. Marketing theory says you need five “touches” or contacts before someone buys, so it might take more than one viewing, or impression, of your Ad before a person responds.

    Hope that makes sense 🙂

  6. Hi David that was an extremely clear and well presented look at starting advertising with fb and Amazon. Thanks so much for sharing this. Can you please tell me what exactly an impression is on Amazon in the report area. Thanks again. Maree

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