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The Best Writing Books Of 2019

The Best Writing Books of 2019

As the year draws to a close, in ALLi we've been busy looking at the year's highlights. Today, we're celebrating some of our favorite books published in 2019 for writers. We've purposefully not included any of the books mentioned in yesterday's best audiobooks of the year post so we celebrate a range of book. So if you'd like a comprehensive list of the best writing books of 2019 have a look at both post.

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SelfPubCon and Blog Manager, Sacha Black

The Best Writing Books of 2019

I love to binge nonfiction as much as I do fiction and this year has been no different. I wanted to highlight some of the books that have had the biggest impact on my writing business or have been recommended the most times so that you can get as much from them as I have. Please note most of these books have been published in 2019, but a couple are slightly older.

Narrated by the Author

by Rene Conoulty

This is one of my favorite books of the year.  It's a short, but no less brilliant book. Narrated by the Author is a comprehensive guide for any indie author trying to create an audiobook from scratch. If you want to DIY your own audiobooks this is the perfect book for you, it has a step by step guide from setting up your recording area all the way through to publication.

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Amazon Ads for Authors: Tips and Strategies to Sell Your Books

by Deb Potter

You need a notebook and pen before you read this book. I wrote copious amounts of notes which is why I'm recommending it. This is a whistle stop tour around AMS ads. It shows you how to test and boost your ads, as well as giving you a ton of tips and tricks to improve their performance.

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Time Management for Writers

by Katie Forrest

Time Management for Writers is a wonderful self-help guide that gives both a holding hand and swift kick up the booty to help supercharge your productivity. I had some personal revelations about sleep while reading this book and I've implemented several of the tips. A superb book on productivity.

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Mastering Amazon Descriptions: An Author's Guide: Copywriting for Authors

by Brian D Meeks

Brian has a witty sense of humor and a jam-packed guide to help you write better copy. This book is filled with before and after examples and analysis showing you how to improve your blurb and ad copy and ultimately sell more books.

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Author Your Life: How One Writer Changed Her Life Through the Power of Storytelling, and How You Can, Too

by Lara Zielin

This was a fascinating read and insight into one author's journey of change. Lara wrote affirmations and crafted the story she wanted her life to tell and you know what…? It came true. A superbly inspirational and feel good book for any author going through tough times.

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BookBub Ads Expert: A Marketing Guide to Author Discovery

By David Gaughran

Hands up, I haven't read this book yet. However, it's been recommended to me about a gazillion times this year. Touted as a goldmine of ideas and inspiration for reinvigorating your BookBub ads, this is a must have in all indie's marketing arsenal.

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The Emotional Craft of Fiction: How to Write with Emotional Power, Develop Achingly Real Characters, Move Your Readers, and Create Riveting Moral Stakes

by Donald Maass

This book wasn't published this year but it is going down as my favorite writing book of the year. This book goes deep. It delves under the skin of character and shows you how to craft emotion that rips your reader's heart out and leaves them begging for more. If you read one book next year to help develop your craft, let it be this one.

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Writing Killer Blurbs and Hooks

by Adam Croft

One from our own ALLi fiction and nonfiction podcast host, Writing Killer Blurbs and Hooks is a short to the point book teaching you how to create the perfect hook from the master of hooks himself. If you want to give your book blurb some punch, this is the book for you.

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10 Steps to Hero How to Craft A Kickass Protagonist

By me, Sacha Black.

Cheeky though it might be, I figured I should recommend my own book! 10 Steps to Hero is a comprehensive guide to help you create better heroes, deepen characterization and understand your book's web of connectivity. If you like dark sarcasm and a sprinkling of naughty words, this is the book for you.

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What do you think are the best writing books of 2019.

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Author: Sacha Black

Sacha Black is a bestselling and competition-winning author. She writes the popular YA Fantasy Eden East novels and a series of non-fiction books that are designed to help writers develop their craft. Sacha is also a developmental editor, wife and mum. Website: www.sachablack.com


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